Facts About Chimney Cracks & How To Repair Them

water damage chimney cracks, repair chimney damage, Alpharetta GAChimney cracks are among the few obvious signs that the help of a chimney sweep professional is needed. As sturdy as chimneys may appear to be, they are vulnerable to damage. Moisture is the number one enemy to masonry chimneys. However, water intrusion is not the only reason you may see cracks on your chimney. Professional chimney sweeps can identify the source of the problem with your cracked chimney, give you the facts about the chimney cracks, and provide the required repairs and masonry rebuilding. Read on to learn more about chimney cracks and common reasons they develop.

Major Weather Events

Harsh outdoor conditions can accelerate wear and tear on a chimney over time, and a single weather event can cause serious destruction. If a chimney is struck by lightning, for instance, it can immediately cause bricks and mortar to break or crack. If you believe or can clearly see that your chimney was struck by lightning, chimney sweep experts recommend that you don’t use the chimney again until it has been inspected by a professional and, as needed, repairs are made.

The damage that can be done by high winds in a violent storm can be mind-blowing. Chimneys can be seriously damaged as heavy objects are carried by the wind and smash into them. The chimney cap or chimney flashing may be knocked off or damaged. When a chimney cap is missing or damaged, rain can pour directly into your flue, causing a range of potential problems. Without chimney flashing, your roof could suffer moisture damage.

If any major weather event happens where you live, it may be best to have a chimney inspection done before using your fireplace again.

A Shift From Below

Although a special pad must be constructed as part of a home’s foundation in order to withstand the weight of the chimney, a home’s shifting foundation can cause chimney cracks. Sometimes the problem is that the chimney footing itself is faulty. If the builders failed to provide proper dimensions of the chimney footing, the result could be a cracked chimney caused by inadequate footing.

Thermal Expansion

Another way builders can cause chimney cracks to occur is by failing to allow for thermal expansion of materials. If the chimney flue is built up against the exterior chimney without leaving room for thermal expansion caused by the intense heat created by fires, there could be a significant enough expansion of the flue materials that they cause the chimney to crack.

Chimney-Mounted Antenna

Many homeowners have learned the hard way that chimneys are not built to provide support for other components. Mounting an antenna on a chimney may seem harmless, but the installation of an antenna could cause the chimney to crack as a result of the added stress it creates.

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