Why Schedule Your Chimney Inspection Before Fall

Summer is winding down but there are a few things to do before fall approaches and you light that first fire. Getting your annual chimney inspection on the books before lighting up your fireplace is crucially important for the safety and efficiency of your fireplace. If you’re unfamiliar with chimney care, it may seem perfectly fine to start up a fire during the first drop in temperature without a chimney inspection or chimney cleaning. This action, however, could be terribly dangerous due to the following issues.

Chimney Repair Ball Ground, GAAnimal Nests 

Just because you haven’t been using your chimney doesn’t mean it hasn’t been used at all. Animals such as birds and squirrels love to make their homes and nests in unused chimneys. Lighting up a fire without checking for nests and animals could lead to a chimney fire.


Summer storms can deposit leaves, twigs, branches even trash inside of your chimney causing toxic smoke or chimney fires should you light your fireplace unaware of the contents of your chimney. A professional chimney cleaning can rid your chimney of debris.

Creosote build-up

Most people have heard of “soot” but not many people understand creosote. This substance is formed from the byproducts of firewood. It contains tar and many chemicals that are harmful to people and pets.
Without regular cleaning, highly flammable creosote can
build up in your chimney just waiting to be ignited.

Broken or damaged components 

it’s quite common for parts to get rusty or damaged from one Fall to the next but many chimney owners have no idea their lining or damper has become unusable until the very moment they light a fire. A damaged chimney liner cannot protect your chimney from high heat. The bricks and mortar of the chimney can deteriorate, and the smoke and harmful gases may fail to travel outside of the home but “back puff” into the home instead. The chimney damper allows you to expel harmful smoke or regulate your inside temperature by keeping the outside air outside. If the damper is rusted shut, then dangerous gases cannot escape and the household is at risk of carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide poisoning.

Chimney Inspection East Cobb, GA

Why Scheduling Early is a Good Idea

When the weather turns colder, you’re not the only one who wants to light their fireplace, everyone does! Chimney companies experience a flurry of requests and appointments, it’s the busiest time of the year. Scheduling your cleaning or yearly chimney inspection before the rush ensures your chimney company can carry out your services in a timely manner.

Avoid Delays

Icy conditions or freezing temperatures may hamper a chimney company’s ability to complete repairs. This could cause delays of weeks or even months. Scheduling appointments early can help you avoid this inconvenience. If you have not had your annual chimney inspection or just want to be sure your fireplace is ready for that first fire, call us here at Chimney Solutions. We make your chimney our priority. Contact us online or call us to schedule your appointment today!

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