Masonry Chimney Repairs to Complete Before Winter

The warm seasons is when most people think of beaches, take road trips across the country, grill in their
backyard, and take a dip in the pool. But did you know the warmer parts of the year are the best time to think about your chimney? It is best to fix masonry issues before it starts to get cold. During warmer weather you aren’t using your fireplace, making it the perfect time for inspections and repairs. Still not convinced? Here is a list of some common masonry repairs to take care of
before winter.

tuckpointing method, Austell GAThe Tuckpointing Method

One frequently performed type of repair is known as tuckpointing. What is tuckpointing? Read on. The mortar that fills joints between your chimney’s bricks can deteriorate from repeated exposure to harsh weather. How do you deal with damaged mortar joints? The answer is simple, tuckpointing. The process removes worn, damaged, and absent mortar between bricks, blocks, stones, and other types of masonry surfaces. Next, the wall is prepared by clearing out any old mortar joints from the wall and replacing them with fresh mortar. You can add new mortar by various methods such as a diamond blade on an angle grinder, a tiny demolition hammer to pound the joints or a steel raker bar to extract the joints. Once the joints are removed, the wall will be wet, blown, or brushed to get rid of dust and debris in the joints, which will create the greatest bond between the fresh mortar and pre-existing brick.

Firebox Repairs

Possibly the most often used area of a fireplace is its firebox which is often the most neglected. Both high heat and harsh chemicals will break down a firebox’s masonry. If you don’t pay attention to the damage occurring with your firebox, serious issues can occur. It will allow scalding temperatures to heath the wood in areas like your home’s ceiling or walls near the fireplace, which could lead to a fire. Damage to the firebox could also slow or stop airflow through the flue, both reducing its efficiency and, more importantly, allowing poisonous gases into your home, such as carbon monoxide, known as the “silent killer” because of being imperceivable to the senses. Like a chimney, repair to a firebox is performed through the tuckpointing method.

chimney crown repair, Buford GAChimney Crown Repairs

An essential component of your masonry chimney is its crown. It is subjected year-round to the rays of the sun and rain, snow, cold, heat, dew, hail, and ice. All that abuse from the elements can crack a chimney’s crown with each passing day. Even the most durable chimney crowns will eventually need to be fixed. Water will seep into your chimney from the crown and wear away mortar and crack or break bricks. In order to halt the process of erosion, filling gaps or recasting your chimney’s crown is critical to it’s continued existence. You can count on our chimney sweeps to make the right repairs so your crown will protect your chimney in the coming years.

Now is the Time for Masonry Repairs

Let Chimney County Solutions inspect and repair your masonry fireplace and chimney. Our certified and experienced chimney sweeps will examine and, if needed, repair your firebox or chimney.

Now is the time for repairs, during the warmer months, instead of being unable to use your fireplace in the gray winter months. Call us today or fill out our easy contact form. A member of our skilled and knowledgeable team will be happy to discuss repairing your fireplace and set up a time to inspect your masonry fireplace and chimney. Don’t wait until there is frost on the ground, have your fireplace and chimney inspected now!

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