Get A Fireplace To Enhance The Interior Of Your home

A great summer project that can boost the enjoyment of your home year-round is to have a new fireplace installed. Any EPA-approved fireplace that you buy today will provide a number of benefits anyone can appreciate. Absolutely nothing beats the top reason for adding a fireplace, which is the wonderful atmosphere that only a toasty indoor fire can create when the weather is icy-cold. Read on to learn five more good reasons to have a fireplace installed in your home this summer.

Enhance Your Décor

Electric Fireplace Installation in Atlanta, GASummer or winter, any of the modern fireplaces you may choose for your home can enhance your home interior. There is something about a fireplace that adds to the warmth and appeal of a room even when no fire is burning. The fireplace styles available have every type of décor covered, from elegant, contemporary, and modern to shabby chic and rustic.

Add Ambiance Anywhere

Zero-clearance fireplaces can be installed within inches of combustible materials such as sheetrock and wood. If you buy a fireplace of the correct size for the room it’s installed in, even the coziest of spaces is feasible for a fireplace installation. Imagine a gas fireplace in your bathroom or a charming wood stove in your reading nook or hobby room. A large fireplace in your main living area or kitchen is also perfect, of course.

Lower Utility Costs

There are quite a few practical sides to fireplaces, and one of them is cutting the cost of heating in winter. With an efficient fireplace in your home, you can turn off central heating for a while and stay warm in the room with the glowing fire. EPA-approved fireplaces are viable alternative heat sources. With a fireplace installed in each of your main living areas–such as bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and den–you can use zone heating to slash utility costs. With zone heating, you can keep your HVAC unit off indefinitely, heating only the room or rooms you and your family are in.

Boost Home Value

There is an added bonus for any homeowner with a fireplace. According to various realtor groups, homebuyers favor homes with fireplaces, which means they sell more quickly than other homes. Even more appealing is the fact that people are willing to pay significantly more for a new home equipped with a fireplace. The difference in home sale value typically more than covers the money spent on a new fireplace plus installation costs.

Surprisingly Affordable

Gas Fireplace Installation in Marietta, GA

All the benefits you get from a fireplace come with a price tag that is often much lower than homeowners expect. The addition of a fireplace is a dramatic transformation. Just about everyone thinks the cost of a fireplace is worth it. During blackouts, when the electrical grid is unavailable, is when homeowners are often most satisfied with their decision. But a fireplace can be a source of pleasure every day of the year, and this fact alone makes it a worthwhile investment.


Visit Chimney Solutions for a New Fireplace

The CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Chimney Solutions also deal in appliance sales. We can help you choose the ideal fireplace for your home. By the way, summer truly is a great time for a fireplace installation because of how busy we trusted chimney sweeps are once the weather gets cooler. Ready to add a fireplace as a summer home makeover or do a remodel of your existing fireplace? Contact our friendly experts at Chimney Solutions today by calling (770) 771-5501.

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