Save Money with a Wood Stove or Pellet Fireplace Insert

Rising gas prices in the Atlanta GA area are among the compelling motivations to cut the current cost of living. Contact Chimney Solutions to save money with the installation of a wood stove or pellet fireplace insert. Experts say burning wood, including wood pellets, represents huge savings compared to heating with gas fireplaces and stoves.

Resolve Inefficient Wood Heating with an Upgrade

As home amenities go, it is tough to beat open-hearth wood fireplaces. However, earth consciousness and climbing living costs have compelled many people to make a change. With rising gas prices, wood is the cheapest way to go while still caring for the environment.The installation of a wood stove or fireplace insert transforms a traditional masonry fireplace into a significant heat source. You can switch to a wood stove, a pellet stove, or a pellet fireplace insert to lower heating costs. Current tax incentives help, and lower fuel costs will make a difference year after year.

Pellet Stove, Jasper GAPellet Stoves

Pellet stoves are fueled by wood pellets, a renewable resource, and represent real innovations in heat production. The pellets are made with highly compressed wood scraps such as sawdust and wood chips. Approximately 1 to 1.5 inches in length, heating pellets resemble rabbit food.

The pellets in pellet heating appliances burn with extreme efficiency. They are automatically fed into a burn pot through a hopper and can provide hands-free heat for up to 36 hours. Pellet stoves provide the much-loved aroma of burning wood, and the EPA rates them highly because they produce very little smoke. A small amount of electricity is needed to
operate self-feeding hoppers. Pellet stoves are excellent as primary or supplementary home heating sources.



Wood Stoves

The wood stoves of today aren’t like the ones used by your great-grandpa. Over a course of decades, increasingly stricter requirements imposed by the EPA have resulted in far more efficient and earth-friendly heating solutions. Today’s wood stoves don’t simply produce more heat and less air pollution than their predecessors, however. There are many styles available that can fit with any type of décor. Wood stoves are available that would fit well in your home, whether your style is sleek, rustic, shabby chic, coastal, French country, transitional, contemporary, art deco, modern farmhouse, glam, or eclectic.

Fireplace Insert Installation, Atlanta GAFireplace Inserts

Fireplace inserts are innovative heating appliances that provide an instant upgrade in heat production and a cut in annual heating costs. Today’s EPA-compliant wood-burning fireplace inserts produce particulate emissions below 2.0 grams per hour. The installation of pellet fireplace inserts includes a venting pipe inside the chimney. Air is drawn in through an air vent at the back of the appliance and expelled to the outdoors through the venting pipe. This protects indoor air quality. Typical wood-burning fires require a lot of ash cleanup. Very little ash is produced by pellet stoves, however. EPA certification of pellet inserts has been deemed unnecessary because they burn so cleanly.

For wood stove or pellet fireplace insert installation in the greater Atlanta GA area, call us at Chimney Solutions. Correct installation of these wood-burning heating appliances is necessary to enjoy the cost-cutting benefits of maximum efficiency. Make rising gas prices for home heating one thing less to worry about.

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