Signs Your Chimney is Failing


Damaged Chimney Masonry in Peach Tree City, GAThere are a few tell-tale signs that your chimney could be failing. Improper care, weathering over time, or moisture buildup. If you’re a new or old chimney owner, you’ll want to know how you can keep your chimney in tip-top shape and prevent potentially dangerous or costly scenarios.

Chimney Leaks

A leak is a telltale sign that your chimney could be failing. Quite often a chimney can leak from several different areas including the flue or along the brick on the exterior of the chimney. Leaks can cause mold and mildew to grow, leading to bad air quality and potentially carbon monoxide poisoning. If there are leaks on the base of your chimney it can mean water getting into your attic and causing more damage to the home.

We recommend scheduling an inspection every six months to ensure your chimney remains functional and safe to use.

Chimney Blockages

Obstructions can be any number of things, including animals looking to nest, a catch-all for dried twigs and branches, or large amounts of creosote being present in your chimney. It’s not uncommon during chimney inspections for techs to notice an obstruction, making it a good idea to have your chimney routinely swept.

Things like creosote (a flammable substance made from smoke buildup) are one of the main chimney safety hazards and cause many chimney fires each year. There are also often many blockages that are only visible when a tech sweeps the chimney or blockages you may miss when inspecting the chimney yourself.

Missing Bricks on Your Chimney

Are you missing a few bricks on the exterior of your chimney? You may not think that one or two missing bricks can cause a bigger problem but moisture can actually seep through the concrete and cause mold to grow within your flue. More often than not, most chimneys that have bricks falling off are overdue for an inspection. Techs often find more issues when they do their chimney sweep so schedule your inspection today!

Damaged Chimney Mortar

Even if you’re not in an area that gets drastic weather changes, damages to your mortar happen over time. It’s important that these parts stay sealed because they are susceptible to wear and tear that happens over time. In order to prevent problems down the road, schedule regular inspections with a trusted chimney tech.


We know sometimes scheduling a chimney inspection can be the last thing on your list, yet by taking preventative measures to ensure your chimney is safe to use, you can avoid costly mistakes in the future.

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