Chimney Repairs You May Need in the Summer

Summer isn’t typically the time most people think about their fireplace, and even fewer think about their fireplace’s chimney; that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be. Summer is the time to address chimney repairs that may need to be done; it’s much more disruptive to have repairs done in winter when you need your fireplace.

chimney masonry repairs, atlanta georgiaMasonry Repairs

Summer is the ideal time to have your masonry chimney inspected for any defects. There are several issues that can develop with a masonry chimney, especially if the chimney and house are older. Over time bricks in the chimney are baked by the sun, making them porous, much in the same way as a sponge. Bricks holding moisture become an issue during the freeze-thaw cycle when they expand and contract, which leads to cracked or broken bricks. Once your chimney’s bricks are compromised, water can find its way inside your chimney and wreak havoc. Mold, mildew, water in your firebox, and other moisture-related issues can cost you thousands of dollars to repair. Chimney solutions can send our certified chimney inspectors to examine your chimney to determine if any repairs need to be made, such as restoring mortar through the tuckpointing process. Our chimney sweeps are adept at undertaking masonry repairs and will have your chimney in good condition in no time.

Chimney Liner Repairs

When cracks develop in your chimney’s flue, they can rapidly turn into a significant safety matter, so it is crucial to tackle the problem immediately. Most chimneys have flue liners, which permit smoke and gasses to adequately vent out of your house. However, if the liner develops cracks, there is a greater risk of a chimney fire. If an inspection reveals that your chimney liner is compromised, our chimney sweeps will replace old clay tile liners with new stainless-steel liners, which are durable and will add years to the life of your chimney.

full-width chimney cap, marietta gaChimney Cap Repair

A chimney that has a defective or broken cap can cause a homeowner a lot of problems. The Chimney cap, which sits atop your chimney, is responsible for preventing unwanted things from getting inside your chimney’s flue. A chimney cap’s components can degenerate throughout the years and require repair or replacement.

We can inspect your chimney cap to determine if any issues are present; perhaps you’ve noticed problems with it, like water in your firebox. Because water flows downward, you can be sure the moisture didn’t come from the room where the fireplace is or the
chimney vents appliances.

Are you noticing smoke coming out of your fireplace? It’s another one of the signs of a faulty chimney cap, and it’s probably a backdraft caused by a partial or complete  chimney blockage from leaves, pine needles, sticks, or other things that could wind up in your chimney. Our chimney sweeps can thoroughly clean your chimney to remove any blockages caused by a damaged or missing chimney cap.

We Can Inspect and Repair Your Fireplace This Summer

Don’t wait until a problem develops in the icy winter months to have your chimney inspected and repaired. Chimney Solutions can fix your fireplace when the weather is warm, avoiding any disruption to your life. Once your fireplace has been repaired this summer, we can inspect it annually to ensure it stays in good working condition. Call us today and discuss fixing your fireplace with a member of our professional and knowledgeable staff. We are eager to serve you!

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