Electric Fireplaces

Do you love fireplaces but can’t stand the upkeep required to keep them safe and efficient? Is your open masonry fireplace costing you too much to operate with its heat loss and draftiness? Do you crave beauty but also love simplicity?

If this sounds like you, your solution just may be a stunning electric fireplace from Valor, a recognized leader in fireplace technology.

Chimney Solutions of Chattanooga, TN, would like to share some exciting news about modern electric fireplaces and fireplace inserts and how easy they are to use and maintain.

What Is an Electric Fireplace?

Today’s electric fireplaces are made to amaze. They have the same elegant look as more traditional fireplaces and come in a range of styles, sizes and design options.

Valor electric fireplaces run entirely on electricity, meaning there are no flames to cause injury or damage. Because they’re electric, they turn on instantly and turn off just as fast.

What About Appearance?

The technology that goes into modern electric fireplaces is designed to replicate the fireboxes of gas and wood fireplaces. It’s true that there are no actual flames, but a range of specialized lighting options, firebed visuals and faux log choices make it easy to forget that everything in there is running on electric power.

Outside the firebox, you’ll enjoy a lovely design that’s in keeping with what you expect a fireplace to look like. Many finishes, colors and shapes are available that will transform any room and make your fireplace an instant conversation piece.

Electric fireplaces for sale and installation in Chattanooga TN

Using the Fireplace

Electric fireplace owners love their appliances for many reasons, not the least of which is ease of use. There’s no need to schedule professional cleaning services or annual inspections, and you won’t have a lengthy wait for warmth when getting the fireplace going.

A switch or remote operates the unit, and you’ll never need to mess with storing wood logs or watching over gas line connections. Put simply, an electric fireplace is about as easy to use as the light on your ceiling.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

The solution to an energy-wasting masonry fireplace is a fireplace insert. Electric fireplace inserts are made to be placed in your existing firebox and put an end to heat going up the chimney. Highly efficient and gorgeous, your new insert will make you wonder how you did without it for this long.

Electric fireplace inserts for installation in Chattanooga TN

Electric Fireplace Installation

The expert installation team at Chimney Solutions can install a new electric fireplace just about anywhere you choose in your Chattanooga home. Because no venting or chimney is required, and because there are no external fuel issues, your electric fireplace can easily go in a wall in any room. Complete installations start as low as $2,000.

The simplicity of electric fireplaces makes them great choices for zone heating in bedrooms, dens, kitchens, workspaces and even bathrooms. Get the heat you want when you need it.

We’ll help you select the perfect model to meet your heating and decorative requirements. Our crew will then install it correctly and safely, ensuring that it complies with all local and state codes.

Learn More About Today’s Electric Fireplaces

If you’re ready to take a good look at a new electric fireplace, Chimney Solutions of Chattanooga is standing by to help. Speak with an electric fireplace expert today at (423) 551-9912 or get in touch with our simple contact form.

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