Chattanooga TN Chimney Repair

Chimney Solutions of Chattanooga provides skilled chimney repair services in the Greater Chattanooga area along with Northwest Georgia from Rome GA to Rossville GA. Other communities in our service area include Harrison TN, Middle Valley TN, Dalton GA, and Chatsworth GA.

chimney chase cover repair in Rome GA

Over time, even the best-built chimney will begin to show signs of aging. Chattanooga homeowners often report masonry damage, cracks in the chimney crown, leaks within the system or even a chimney that’s leaning to one side.

If you have any of these or other problems, we’ve got you covered.

Chattanooga Chimney Repair: the Solution to Your Chimney Problems

When you schedule a repair visit from one of our trained and certified technicians, you know you’re getting the right solutions for the problem. We understand chimney structures, drafting physics and chimney components inside and out.

Our chimney repair services include:

Masonry Repair And Brick Work

We’ll help to keep your Chattanooga chimney looking great and operating safely. We replace bricks and provide partial and complete rebuilding services.

Chimney Cap Repair And Installation

The all-important chimney cap keeps water out of the flue and protects the vulnerable chimney crown. We’ll build you a beautiful custom full-width chimney cap.

Chimney Crown Repair

Cracks in a chimney crown can lead to major water damage and brick decay. This can affect both the chimney masonry and areas inside the flue.

Rossville GA chimney tuckpointing


Crumbling mortar joints can lead to serious structural damage within the chimney masonry. Tuckpointing replaces old mortar with a fresh new compound.

Chimney Leak Repair

Wherever the leak exists, we’ll find it and repair any damage associated with it. Leaks can come from many sources, and we know all of them.

Chimney Liner Repair And Complete HeatShield Relining

Your flue liner is critical for safety and efficient smoke drafting. Deterioration of an old liner can cause a fire in nearby materials of your home. We provide liner repair and full-scale HeatShield relining throughout the Chattanooga region.

Smoke Chamber Parging

We’ll repair your smoke chamber, which sits just above the fireplace damper, and use a process called “parging” to smooth out the surfaces. This will provide better drafting and cause less creosote to build up.

Firebox Repair

Over the years, fireboxes can begin to show signs of wear, which could lead to smoke damage, carbon monoxide leakage and fire issues within your Chattanooga home.

Fireplace Damper Repair And Installation

If your fireplace damper is rusted or broken, it won’t be able to prevent warm air from escaping and keep cold air out of your home. Smoke-drafting also can be hampered when a damper is in disrepair.

leaning chimney repair in Chattanooga TNChimney Repair Services You Can Trust

Chattanooga homeowners rely on the experts at Chimney Solutions to keep their chimneys safe and efficient. Whatever is wrong with your chimney, we have the tools and training to resolve the issue.

Along with chimney repair, we provide licensed chimney inspections. This is the best way to spot damage and get it fixed before it turns into a major and expensive chimney repair project.

If your chimney needs help, we’ve got your solution. Call us at 423-551-9912 or contact us online.

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