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Chimney Solutions of Chattanooga provides licensed chimney inspections in the Greater Chattanooga area along with Northwest Georgia from Rome GA to Rossville GA. Other communities in our service area include Collegedale TN, Walden TN, Rossville GA, and Ringgold GA.

chimney inspection in Ringgold GA

If you use your fireplace and chimney on any kind of regular basis, professional chimney inspections should be on your maintenance schedule. A quality inspection can uncover early signs of damage and help get to the root of fireplace drafting issues and smoke backups.

Here’s what you need to know about chimney inspections for your Chattanooga chimney and the reasons for them.

Level 1 chimney inspections

Basic Level 1 inspections, which cover all the visible areas of your chimney and its components, should be scheduled once a year, whether or not you notice problems with your chimney.

Chattanooga homeowners who have their chimneys inspected regularly stay on top of issues with the masonry, chimney crown, chimney flashing, chimney cap and other components.

Our inspectors also can determine why smoke is backing up into your home and why fires are burning sluggishly. A thorough flue inspection often turns up debris blockages inside the flue, which can lead to deadly carbon monoxide moving into living spaces.

Level 2 chimney inspections

These inspections are required in certain cases, including:

  • When you’re selling your Chattanooga home (this is often called a real estate chimney inspection)
  • When you’re altering your chimney or fireplace system, such as by adding a gas fireplace insert to your existing masonry fireplace
  • Following a house or chimney fire, an earthquake or a major weather event that may have caused damage to the chimney

Level 2 inspections are more involved than Level 1 inspections and include the use of video imaging technology that lets the inspector see down into the flue.

Level 3 chimney inspections

Level 3 inspections are warranted when significant damage is known to exist within the chimney system. These inspections often require the dismantling of sections of the chimney structure and adjacent building materials of the home.

By scheduling regular cleaning, repairs and basic inspections for your Chattanooga chimney, you’ll likely never need a complex Level 3 inspection.

video camera chimney inspection in Chattanooga TNSolving the Problems an Inspection Has Uncovered

If our inspector discovers damage or performance issues within your chimney system, solutions can be initiated at once. We offer all types of chimney repairs, including:

  • Masonry repair & brick replacement
  • Tuckpointing to replace decayed mortar
  • Chimney crown repair & rebuilding
  • Chimney leak resolution
  • Chimney flashing repair & installation
  • Chimney liner repair & relining
  • Fireplace damper repair & replacement
  • and much more.

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If it’s been more than a year since your chimney was looked at by a professional, now is the time to schedule a proper chimney inspection. Our team prides itself on exceptional, personalized service and the most advanced training available in the industry. We know how to solve your chimney problems the right way. Reach a chimney expert today at 423-551-9912 or contact us online.

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