Chattanooga TN HeatShield Chimney Liner Repair

We serve the Greater Chattanooga area along with Northwest Georgia from Rome GA to Rossville GA. Other communities in our service area include Walden TN, Soddy-Daisy TN, Calhoun GA, and LaFayette GA.

heatshield chimney liner repair in Rome GAA damaged clay tile chimney liner can lead to dangerous operating conditions. Chimney Solutions of Chattanooga provides complete chimney inspections and chimney liner repair and resurfacing with HeatShield, a system specifically designed for tile liners.

Introducing the HeatShield Liner Repair System

Over time, clay tile chimney liners can break and deteriorate. When this happens, your Chattanooga home is at risk of fire and leakage of toxic flue gases, including deadly carbon monoxide.

Rebuilding a clay tile liner can be expensive and time-consuming. A better option is the HeatShield chimney liner resurfacing system. With HeatShield, we apply a powerful, long-lasting coating over the entire flue liner, covering up gaps and cracks and providing a stunningly smooth surface.

Our certified chimney technicians can also perform a complete joint repair service in cases where deteriorated mortar joints are the only problem.

Both of these HeatShield repair services will be fully customized to your chimney’s specifications and needs. No two jobs are alike – and never let any chimney service company tell you they are.

Why Chimney Liner Damage Happens

A lot of homes in and around Chattanooga, TN, have clay tile chimney liners. For many years, clay was the most popular material for all types of liner applications. It’s a good material, but it’s susceptible to damage over time.

Common causes of tile liner damage that may signal the need for a HeatShield resurfacing project include:

  • Ongoing chimney fires, which cause clay tiles to crack
  • Freeze-thaw cycles that also lead to cracking
  • Acidic combustion gases that eat away at clay tile surfaces
  • Old age and many years of intense temperatures

4 Advantages of HeatShield Liner Repair

Our Chattanooga customers appreciate the solid advantages that come from having their clay tile liners repaired and resurfaced with a custom HeatShield process.

heatshield chimney liner repair1. Cost-effective

Complete chimney rebuilding or installing certain types of new liners can be costly. HeatShield is far more economical and budget-friendly.

2. Safe and resilient

HeatShield resurfacing uses a combination of refractory and ceramic materials that can handle corrosive gases, moisture and temperatures above 2,900 degrees. The mortar used in this process exceeds the requirements of the National Fire Protection Institute and the International Residential Code.

3. Long-lasting

When you have your Chattanooga chimney flue resurfaced with HeatShield, you can expect top performance for 20+ years. Every project carries a 20-year warranty covering material repairs.

4. Good for the environment

HeatShield liner repair projects use naturally occurring and recycled materials. If going green is important to you, this is one more benefit you’ll get from HeatShield.

Chimney Liner Repair & Resurfacing in Chattanooga

If a chimney inspection has turned up problems with your clay tile chimney liner, Chimney Solutions is standing by to help with complete liner repair and resurfacing with the advanced HeatShield system. Learn more by calling 423-551-9912 or contacting us online.

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