Chattanooga TN Custom Chimney Caps

Chimney Solutions of Chattanooga installs full-width custom chimney caps in the Greater Chattanooga area along with Northwest Georgia from Rome GA to Rossville GA. Other communities in our service area include Collegedale TN, Walden TN, Rossville GA, and Ringgold GA.

custom chimney cap installOperating a chimney without a secure chimney cap in place is asking for trouble. Chimney caps offer multiple levels of protection and can save you big money on complicated chimney repair work.

Custom Chimney Caps 101

Chimney caps are specialized components designed to fit snugly on top of your chimney. Here are some of the key benefits and features of the custom chimney caps we install throughout the Chattanooga area

Keeps rain out of the flue

Intruding rain can damage your chimney liner, interior chimney masonry, fireplace damper and other parts of the chimney. A custom chimney cap blocks the rain.

Keeps debris and small animals out of the flue

Leaves and twigs from nearby trees and small animals and their nests will create a blockage in your Chattanooga chimney. The result is drafting issues and carbon monoxide backing up into your home. Keep out the junk with a good chimney cap.

Shields the vulnerable concrete chimney crown

The crown at the top of your chimney is prone to cracking over time. When excess water gets into these cracks, eventually it can seep into interior areas of your chimney structure and cause damage. Custom chimney caps shield the crown.

Helps keep sparks and embers from flying out of the chimney

Occasional popping sparks and embers are kept contained with a proper chimney cap. Flying “hot” pieces can land on the roof and in the yard and cause varying degrees of damage.

Rain glides off

Not only are chimney caps highly functional, they look great too. An angled design adds a nice aesthetic touch to your Chattanooga home while channeling water away from the chimney structure.

Don’t Have Any Kind of Flue Cover?

It’s never advisable to operate a fireplace without a secure chimney cap. At the very least, you need a basic flue cover.

Rossville GA chimney cap replacement

The many problems that a custom chimney cap prevents can easily become very expensive issues, leading to unsafe operating conditions, reduced fireplace efficiency and possible safety risks for you and your family.

Of all the protective components in a typical chimney system, a custom chimney cap is definitely one of the most important. It’s one of the true “essentials” for the safe and efficient operation of a chimney.

A New Custom Chimney Cap

If you have no chimney cap, or if the one you have is old and damaged, let us install a beautiful new chimney cap to add a decorative touch to your home and protection.

We work year-round in the Chattanooga, TN, region and are ready to help when you need us. Speak with a chimney expert at 423-551-9912 or contact us online.

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