Chattanooga TN Leaning Chimney Repair

Chimney Solutions of Chattanooga restores leaning chimneys in the Greater Chattanooga area along with Northwest Georgia from Rome GA to Rossville GA. Other communities in our service area include Collegedale TN, Walden TN, Rossville GA, and Ringgold GA.

leaning chimney repair in Chattanooga TNA leaning chimney is a dangerous chimney. Throughout Chattanooga, we often find chimneys that are leaning to one degree or the other. Whatever the cause and whatever the extent, a leaning chimney must be addressed sooner rather than later.

Why Does a Chimney Lean?

There can be many reasons why a chimney becomes structurally unsound and begins to tilt. One common reason is damage to the chimney’s bricks and mortar.

Cracked or missing bricks along with deteriorated mortar joints can cause the entire chimney structure to lean. If neglected, this might result in a partial or complete chimney collapse.

Another reason for leaning chimneys in the Chattanooga area stems from the way the chimneys are constructed. When a chimney runs up the side of the house, it’s connected to parts of the roof. If the chimney has walls that sit with full weight atop the roof, it can wear on the roof’s decking.

As years pass, the roof may sag and cause the chimney to tilt in toward the house.

Leaning Chimney Repair Chattanooga

Regardless of the reason your chimney is leaning, the experienced chimney technicians at Chimney Solutions know how to repair the problem. And the good news is, we often can do this without any major chimney rebuilding work.

leaning brick chimney in Collegedale TN

Our crew uses a series of braces and rigging to bring the chimney back into alignment. We then add strong reinforcements that include iron and planking, ensuring that the chimney’s leaning days are over.

We address many leaning chimneys throughout the greater Chattanooga area, and we know that each project is unique. That’s why our work always begins with a thorough inspection to tell us exactly why the problem exists, how extensive it is and what will be the optimal method to resolve it.

Never Neglect Chimney Problems

Whether it’s a chimney that leans to one side, a chimney with water leaks, damage to chimney components or drafting issues that cause smoke backups, you should never ignore issues with your chimney.

Chimney Solutions regularly saves our Chattanooga customers big money on expensive and complex repair jobs by spotting early signs of trouble and getting the problems fixed fast.

Our crew includes professional chimney technicians certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA), the leading certifying body for the chimney industry in the U.S. We’re experts on masonry construction, drafting physics, chimney safety and all types of repairs.

A leaning chimney at your Chattanooga home doesn’t have to mean disaster is on the way. We’re here to help year-round with complete chimney inspections and the resolution of all chimney structural problems.

leaning chimney Walden TNRepairs Done Right

When your chimney needs attention, call the experts who put service and professionalism above all else. We’ll solve your chimney issues and restore safety and top performance so you can once again enjoy your fireplace the way you want to.

Speak with an experienced chimney technician in Chattanooga today at 423-551-9912 or contact us online.

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