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Chimney Solutions of Chattanooga installs new flue cap covers in the Greater Chattanooga area along with Northwest Georgia from Rome GA to Rossville GA. Other communities in our service area include, Middle Valley TN, Dalton GA, and Chatsworth GA.

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You wouldn’t live in your Chattanooga home without a roof. By the same token, you shouldn’t operate your chimney without a secure flue cap cover, a simple component that affords you a variety of protections.

What Is a Flue Cap Cover?

We likened these components to roofs, because that’s really what they are. Flue caps fit securely over the opening of your chimney flue with mesh-like sides to allow smoke to exit. Our Chattanooga-area customers swear by these devices because of the many benefits they bring.

Protection against rain falling into the flue

Chimney covers do an exceptionally good job of preventing rain from entering your chimney flue. Once inside, moisture can lead to chimney liner damage, deterioration of interior masonry, rusting of the fireplace damper, mold growth and other serious issues.

Flue cap covers keep debris out

Leaves, twigs and falling fruit from nearby trees have a way of ending up in chimney flues throughout Chattanooga. All this debris can narrow the smoke passage and send smoke and dangerous carbon monoxide into your home. It also can serve as fuel for a chimney fire.

No admittance for small animals

Raccoons, squirrels, birds, bats and other little animals love to take shelter in chimneys. Many species build nests in there and birth their young. The nests, along with the occasional dead animal, can cause a drafting blockage just like the debris mentioned above.

Help to contain flying sparks and embers

Flue cap covers are excellent components for blocking flying sparks and embers. This is especially important should you experience a chimney fire. During even a small and relatively “minor” fire, hot materials can exit the top of your chimney if you don’t have a secure cover. The result could be roof damage and a fire in your yard.

Chattanooga TN chimney companyThe Chimney Company Chattanooga Trusts

Chimney Solutions works year-round throughout the Chattanooga area, serving our customers with the very best chimney cap installation, repairs, cleanings, and inspections.

The installation of a flue cap cover or any other chimney component should be handled only by trained technicians who understand not only the component itself but also the entire structure of the chimney.

Our crew has received extensive training in fundamental and advanced chimney service. Chimney Solutions carries professional certifications by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA) and the National Fireplace Institute (NFI).

When it’s time for a new flue cap cover or any chimney work, count on the company that brings the right solutions, every time.

Get in touch with a Chattanooga chimney expert and start solving your chimney issues by calling 423-551-9912 or contacting us online.

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