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Chimney Solutions of Chattanooga provides licensed furnace venting services in the Greater Chattanooga area along with Northwest Georgia from Rome GA, to Rossville GA. Other communities in our service area include Harrison TN, Middle Valley TN, Dalton GA, and Chatsworth GA.

furnace venting in Chattanooga TNJust as with chimney flues, furnace venting systems need regular attention and maintenance to perform safely and efficiently. Primary tasks include annual inspections, cleaning and repairs as needed.

Furnace Venting Blockages

Modern clean-burning furnaces don’t emit the same level of obstructive matter that the typical wood-burning fireplace does, but that doesn’t mean that your furnace venting will stay clean and clear forever.

Particulate matter, produced by furnace combustion, can gradually build up inside your furnace venting. When this happens, drafting will be impeded and dangerous toxins and gases can spill into your Chattanooga home.

One of the biggest concerns here is carbon monoxide. This gas is invisible and odorless, but it’s known to be potentially deadly to people and pets when inhaled in sufficient amounts.

We Clean Furnace Vents

The solution to furnace venting blockages is regular cleaning performed by trained furnace technicians. The Chimney Solutions crew understands furnace vent systems inside and out.
We have the tools and experience to safely remove any buildups found in your furnace venting and restore smooth and proper drafting. The removal of buildups includes the removal of acidic compounds that could slowly eat away at the lining of your furnace vent.

Professional cleaning will make your furnace operate more efficiently and safely while saving you the extreme cost of major furnace system repairs, which are common when cleaning is neglected for long periods of time.

Repair Work in Chattanooga & Vicinity

Throughout the Chattanooga region, we offer complete furnace vent system repairs year-round. Our technicians can repair any problem of any size and ensure that all repair work complies with your local fire safety and building codes.

We’ve worked on furnaces for more than 20 years, establishing our reputation as the go-to team for furnace venting repairs, cleaning and inspections.

Furnace Venting Inspections

Before any work is done, our first step is a thorough inspection of your Chattanooga furnace’s vent system. Even when there are no known problems, an inspection should be scheduled once a year as part of your preventative maintenance activities.

furnace venting replacement

When a furnace vent inspection must be performed:

  • Following a furnace fire or other known damage
  • When a new furnace is being installed
  • When your home is being sold
  • When you’re changing your system from oil to gas or making other alterations

Regular inspections of your furnace vent system are the best way to keep your furnace running optimally and prevent the high cost of heavy-duty repairs.

A Healthy Furnace Starts Here

Chimney Solutions serves the entire Chattanooga region with skilled furnace venting cleaning, repairs and inspections. We’re here when you need us, all year long.

Reach a furnace expert today at 423-551-9912 or contact us online.

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