Benefits of Adding a Fireplace Insert

Fireplace InsertsA fireplace insert is an ideal solution for homeowners looking to improve the efficiency of their fireplace and to give their hearth a fresh, new look. An insert will help your heating efficiency & it can also save your tremendous amounts of money on your utility bills during the cold winter months. Installing an insert is also a great way to find a quick solution for many common fireplace problems like chimney drafting issues.

An insert is a fireproof box which is surrounded by steel or cast iron walls and contains insulated, self-cleaning glass doors to create a closed-in combustion system. It is installed directly into a masonry or pre-fabricated fireplace. There are a number of different fireplaces inserts available; gas, wood-burning, pellet, and electric being the most popular models. The benefits homeowners can enjoy when they decide to add a fireplace insert into their existing fireplace include:

Better “Burn-Efficiency”

Due to their design, wood burning fireplace inserts improve the combustion process and are able to create real heat while the wood inside burns at a slower rate. You’ll be able to enjoy longer burn times for the wood you use in your fireplace, meaning you’ll need less fuel to produce more heat than a traditional open-burning fireplace. If you have a pellet insert, you will enjoy even longer burn times. A pellet insert can burn for many hours without needing to be refilled which means there is also less leg work compared to a wood burning fireplace. There will be no need to keep adding logs or kindling to a fire in order to keep it going.

Improved Heat Output

Open burning fireplaces are, by nature, not very efficient. Most of the warm air that is produced by the fire is sucked up and out of the chimney. In fact, when temperatures drop below the freezing mark, a fireplace will actually exhaust more energy than it creates.  By installing a fireplace insert, you can help keep the warm air in your living space from escaping out of your chimney. Some models actually contain a blower that pushes the hot air back into the room through front vents so you’ll be able to heat up an entire room quickly. Adding a fireplace insert can also act as an upgrade to your home heating system, which in turn will increase the value of your home.

Environmentally friendly investment

Since inserts are extremely effective heating appliances and help to combat heat loss, they can improve your energy efficiency so you’ll need to use less energy overall. These eco-friendly investments help the environment while helping you save money on your utility bills. Choosing the right insert matters.  The Environmental Protection Agency says you need to install an insert that was designed & tested specifically for your current fireplace style and type. Speak with our fireplace experts to find out which unit works best in your home.

An affordable makeover for your old worn out fireplace

Beautiful Fireplace InsertsIs your fireplace old and worn out? Modern fireplace inserts are stylish and offer unique and creative designs that can add pizzazz to any home décor. Turn your fireplace into a majestic masterpiece at a fraction of the cost of a fireplace rebuild. With the flexibility and ease of installation, fireplace inserts will give your hearth a fresh new look in no time flat. Choose from dozens of different styles, finishes, and designs, including inserts that sit right in your fireplace or inserts that project from the wall.

Safer for pets & children

Fireplace inserts are design to have the fire enclosed which means pets, children, and uncoordinated family members are less likely to get burned should they get too close to the fire and trip or fall. Sparks are contained which means nearby objects have less of a chance of catching on fire due to flying embers escaping from a burning fire. The glass doors on the insert will act as a barrier between the fire and the living area, improving safety for everyone enjoying the fireplace.

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