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Want to give your fireplace a makeover while increasing your heat efficiency? A fireplace insert is a great option not only for increasing your heating efficiency & slashing your heating bill, but also for finding a quick solution to many common fireplace problems like chimney drafting. In fact, installing a fireplace insert can actually solve a number of fireplace & chimney issues all at once!

Residents in the greater Atlanta area can choose from a full collection of wood burning, gas, pellet, or electric fireplace inserts, and speak with one of our fireplace professionals to find the best model for their home & lifestyle.Inserts have become a great solution for old, worn out fireplaces.

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Did you know that a standard open-burning fireplace is one of the most inefficient methods of heating your house? Many older, open fireplaces actually let the heat your fire produces escape up and out of the chimney instead of staying in your home to heat the surrounding living space.

When you install a new, modern fireplace insert you will help to eliminate heat loss while still getting to enjoy a beautiful, roaring fire during the cold winter months.

Fireplace inserts are relative quick and easy to install so you can revive your old, rundown fireplace with an easy-to-operate, efficient insert. No matter which style you choose – wood burning, gas, pellet, or electric – inserts are designed to fit directly into most masonry and zero-clearance fireplaces. Most inserts are made from either cast iron or steel and generally feature self-cleaning glass doors.

Homeowners are able to view & enjoy the dancing flames of the burning fire while the insulated glass doors keep the fire more efficient. Inserts make use of an "air wash" system which passes clean air over the interior surface of the glass. This system helps prevent buildup and deposits from forming on the appliance making it easier to maintain and clean.

wood burning fireplace insert installation in Atlanta GA

Wood Burning Fireplace Insert

There’s nothing that compares to a real wood burning fire. The soft crackle of the logs, the aroma of burning wood, and the lively dancing flames are unmatched. With a fireplace insert, you can enjoy all of the sights, sounds, and smells of a real wood burning fire without the inefficiency of an open fireplace. Wood inserts, which use a re-burn system when you light a fire, are designed to be up to 70% more heat efficient and help cut heating bills significantly during the winter. Wood inserts can be created from cast iron, steel, or stone and have a number of different customizable options available to ensure each homeowner finds a model that perfectly suits their taste and their home’s décor.

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Gas Burning Fireplace Insert

If you are looking for ultra-convenience, consider a gas fireplace insert. These easy-to-use, low maintenance heating appliances are great options for homeowners who don’t want all the leg work of a wood burning fireplace insert. Gas inserts offer features like adjustable gas valves & variable speed fans so heat output and room temperature can be controlled easily, with a simple push of a button. Most units even come with a multi-function remote control so homeowners can conveniently control the fireplace from anywhere in the room. Gas inserts are great for zone heating, and can help increase heat efficiency by up to 82%. Don’t waste your money trying to heat your whole home with forced air or radiant heat. Instead, rely on your gas fireplace insert to zone heat only the most-used rooms in your home.

Chimney Solutions offers Gas Fireplace Inserts AND the only gas inserts in the world small enough to fit into old coal fireplaces.

pellet fireplace insert installation in Woodstock GA

Pellet Burning Fireplace Insert

Looking for an environmentally friendly way to heat your home? Pellet inserts are highly efficient and utilize an environmentally safe fuel source which is composed of recycled wood waste and natural wood materials. Pellet inserts are easy to use & control and are great at producing heat with little attention needed. Once you fill up the unit’s pellet storage bin, called the hopper, simply adjust the controls to a comfortable level of heat then sit back and relax as you enjoy the calm atmosphere a fire provides. The amount of heat a pellet insert produces depends on how fast you feed the pellets through the pot. In fact, depending on the feed-rate you choose, a pellet insert can burn for many hours without needing to be refilled. No need to keep adding logs or kindling to a fire in order to keep it going. These eco-friendly heating appliances can actually increase your heat efficiency by up to 80+%. Talk to one of our experts at Chimney Solutions today to find out more about pellet inserts.

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Electric Fireplace Insert

While electric inserts aren’t as popular as gas, wood, or pellet inserts, they are extremely convenient and sometimes the best option for small spaces. There is no wood necessary, no pellets to maintain, and no open flames that can be a fire hazard in small areas. Electric inserts provide a beautiful faux fire with all the warmth and ambiance a real fire delivers. These mess-free, no-maintenance heating appliances come with realistic dancing flames, model log sets with burning embers, and can produce heat during the cold weather months. Electric inserts come in a number of different styles and designs from traditional, to contemporary, to rustic or modern. Simply plug in your unit and flip a switch to set a relaxing atmosphere in any room of your house.

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