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Serving the Greater Atlanta area, Chimney Solutions has the best selection of pellet stoves and pellet stove inserts. From Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Norcross, Woodstock, Marietta, Cumming, Kennesaw, Buford, Gainesville, Acworth, to Canton and beyond, we install & service Pellet Stoves.

pellet stove install in Canton GA

Looking for a “green” heat source to add to your home? Pellet stoves are environmentally friendly heating appliances that are extremely efficient at warming small or large living spaces. These easy-to-use stoves produce a constant flame that requires little to no adjustments. In fact, most units are self-igniting and are automatically controlled by a thermostat. Many modern models even feature a computer system that monitors performance, safety conditions, and potential problems. Speak with our fireplace and stove experts at Chimney Solutions to learn how installing a pellet stove can increase your heating efficiency and help you stay eco-friendly.

Benefits of a Pellet Stove

There are numerous benefits to choosing a pellet stove over a wood burning or gas stove. First, pellet fuel is a renewable heating source which is composed of saw dust, wood chips, bark, and other natural waste materials that would otherwise find their way to the landfill. This no mess, no hassle fuel source is not only good for the environment, it produces very little byproduct. In fact, a properly maintained and cleaned pellet stove should create no creosote which is the sticky, flammable substance the forms inside of chimneys and can cause chimney fires.

pellet stove for saleAlso, pellet stoves utilize a specially designed & sealed exhaust pipe to force gases out of the home. Because they use a forced exhaust system, they have the advantage of not always requiring a vertical rise to vent. This means they can be installed in homes that don’t currently have an existing chimney. Like many modern gas appliances, pellet stoves can actually be vented horizontally through an outside wall which makes installation much more flexible. Add a pellet stove to almost any room in your home so you can enjoy the warmth and ambiance of fire without needing a chimney.

Choosing Your Pellets

There are two different grades of pellets that homeowners can choose from; standard and premium. Pellet grade affects the performance and ash output, so selecting premium grade is always recommended. Premium grade pellets will produce less than 1% ash content, whereas standard grade pellets will actually produce a range from 2 – 4% percent ash content. Homeowners should know that extra maintenance will be required if a lower grade pellet is used. Also, lower grade pellets contain inconsistent wood quality which can result in harsh conditions for the electronic machinery over a short period of time. If you want the most effective, efficient, and clean pellet stove, choose a premium grade pellet because it will make all the difference in performance and maintenance.

To learn more about the various types of pellets and different stove models, make the drive from Atlanta, Smyrna, Marietta, Gainesville, and the surrounding areas to Alpharetta, GA and speak with our pellet experts to learn more.

Trekker Series

The new Trekker pellet stove has Efficient Energy (E2) technology.


Classic Bay 1200

The powerful Classic Bay 1200 is one of the most proven and advanced heating appliances available.

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