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    At Chimney Solutions we make customer service a priority.  

    From answering the phones to the final clean up on job sites, we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations.  One of the many ways we do this is by obtaining certifications for our employees.  Having certified associates means that Chimney Solutions invests thousands of dollars annually to have industry professionals educate our technicians with the latest industry standards and regulations. When our “experts” discuss your chimney and fireplace repair needs, we speak with extensive knowledge and confidence about specific laws and codes pertaining to the operation of your fireplace. 

    Click on any of the links below to learn what our educational and training standards are.

    Here are the certifications that we currently hold:

    Where "Certified" Really Means Something.  

    Our "Certifications" are the result of many hours of schooling, training and testing. That means a lot to our loyal customers because they know that they can trust the work we do and the recommendations that we make. But just having the word "certified" in the name of a company, a slogan, an ad or a website may not mean anything unless it stands for a real standard that is universally accepted as being worthy. The word "certified" can be loosely interpreted and used as
    an adjective that really stands for nothing at all!

    All of our "Real Certifications" make us more qualified to serve you.

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    At Chimney Solutions We Follow The Highest Industry Standards for Certification.

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