HeatShield® Chimney Relining Services

Atlanta chimney sweeps provide HeatShield® Chimney Relining services throughout the Atlanta area including Marietta, Sandy Springs, Roswell, Suwanee, Johns Creek, Woodstock, Buckhead, Canton, Brookhaven and more.

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Fully restore your chimney to its optimal safety and efficiency level with HeatShield®. For years, the only viable option for relining a chimney that had a damaged clay liner was to insert a stainless steel liner. Thankfully modern innovations by CeCure Chimney Systems has brought forth HeatShield®, a specially formulated “Cerfractory®” sealant which restores the integrity of the chimney’s flue so that it works effectively and efficiently to vent hazardous smoke & combustible byproducts out of your home.

Cracks, gaps, and mortar deterioration are just a part of owning a masonry chimney. While a variety of solutions exist, most are expensive and time consuming, and may involve rebuilding part or all of your chimney. That’s why we are proud to offer HeatShield® Joint Repair and Surfacing System services. These two methods are cost-effective ways to restore your chimney and keep the flue in good working condition.

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Here’s a look at each HeatShield® Lining service in more detail:

Joint Repair

The Joint Repair service is the perfect option for chimneys that only need repair for defective or deteriorating mortar joints. A special foam applicator blade is custom-designed to fit perfectly in the flue of your chimney. The same foam head system used for the resurfacing is also used for the joint repair. The blade and the applicator tool are then lowered down into the flue and positioned right below each joint. The HeatShield® sealant mixture is then poured into the flue, pooling on top of the blade. The applicator tool is used to push the sealant mixture into the mortar joints, filling the gaps, then the blade is pulled upwards to smooth out the filled joint. This is done at each open mortar joint until the entire flue has been correctly sealed.

heatshield flue liner repair

We will provide a video inspection to diagnose the extent of defects in your clay liner. Many of these conditions could go undetected until they reach a dangerous level without a thorough chimney inspection. If you have a chimney with an older clay tile liner please consider having our Certified Chimney Sweeps perform this examination.

Resurfacing System

The Resurfacing System service is used when a chimney shows a lot of wear-and-tear and contains cracks or flue tiles. As long as the chimney structure is sound, the Resurfacing System is a great option. During this process, a HeatShield® coating is applied over the entire flue, creating a seamless passageway. To begin, a custom-designed foam plug is placed at the bottom of your flue and is attached to a winch at the top of your chimney. Specific brushes are used to remove creosote & debris, then an adhesive known as “tie coat”, is applied to the flue walls as the plug is pulled upwards by the winch. Once the “tie coat” adhesive has dried, the HeatShield® sealant is then applied in the same manner, coating the entire chimney flue and covering any cracks or areas of vulnerability that can compromise safety and performance.

Our chimney experts perform a video inspection before each HeatShield® Lining service to ensure that the right procedure is chosen.

chimney repair in Cumming GAWhy We Love the HeatShield® System

There are a number of great reasons to choose the HeatShield® System. Although there are a variety of options for chimney liner repair & replacement, we have found that this method is often a good choice for many homeowners.  Here are a few other reasons why we offer this type of relining solution:

  • Economical – Most homeowners generally tend to avoid fixing a damaged chimney if the solution isn’t cost effective or appears beyond their budget. Installing a metal chimney liner or rebuilding the chimney can take more time and money than a homeowner can dedicate to the repair project. Since a damaged chimney is not only inefficient but also dangerous, we encourage homeowners to consider the HeatShield System since it’s economical.
  • Environmentally Friendly – HeatShield is created from recycled and naturally occurring materials. Homeowners who like to consider green alternatives for their home improvement projects have been extremely happy to use the HeatShield System to repair their damaged chimney flues.
  • Durable – The HeatShield sealant is a hybrid of ceramic and refractory materials that can withstand moisture, corrosive flue gases, and temperatures in excess of 2900°F. The heavy duty refractory mortar actually surpasses both the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the International Residential Code (IRC) requirements. The long-lasting and durable liner solution will help to ensure that your chimney flue will remain in good condition for 2+ decades.
  • Warranty – HeatShield® is covered by a 20-year material warranty for both repair or relining.

Contact our Certified HeatShield® Professionals today to find out more about our HeatShield® RELining services.


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