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chimney waterproofing to prevent leaking

The chimney is generally one of the most taken-for-granted aspects of a home. Most homeowners do not give the proper attention or concern to their chimney system, many times because it will perform its duties reasonably well, even when it has been neglected. Because they perform vital functions that ensure that safe burning of a fire, they should be regularly checked for deterioration caused by water damage.

A masonry chimney is made up of a variety of materials that can include some or all of the following:  brick, mortar, concrete, stone, flue tile, steel or other metals. Almost all of these materials are adversely affected by constant contact with water or moisture penetration. When moisture enters a chimney, it can cause deterioration, corrosion, efflorescence, spalling and ultimately result in structural failure if these issues are not addressed.

Over the changing seasons, chimneys are subject to harsh weather conditions that can wear down the integrity of masonry. We advise that chimneys be treated with a water repellent coating in order to prolong their useful age. In the end, the cost of the sealant treatment is far less expensive than the thousands of dollars you could spend on chimney repairs or restoration should water and moisture get in places where it doesn’t belong.

There are a number of different sealants available that are specifically designed to be used as a waterproofing agent on masonry chimneys. The formulas used to create these sealants are 100% vapor permeable so that the chimney will be able to breathe. This means any water vapors that are produced when you burn a fire will be able to escape, but water from the outside will not be able to penetrate into the chimney system. Generally, these products last 5 to 10 years and come with a warranty, so speak with us today for more information about waterproofing your chimney in the greater Atlanta area.

Chimney Water Damage

Signs that your chimney has water damage

Efflorescence – Ever notice waiting staining on the outside of a masonry chimney? This indicates that water has penetrated the bricks and mortar causing salts to leach out along the brickwork.

Spalling – When bricks are saturated with water then enter a freezing/thawing cycle, they may begin spalling. Essentially, the facing separates from the bricks causing pieces to fall off of the chimney. This is a very serious problem and should be repaired immediately to cause further damage.

Erosion – Severe erosion can be caused by moisture. Bricks can actually start to disintegrate and fall apart if they are not addressed as soon as you notice degradation beginning.

It’s important to remember that waterproofing is a preventive measure. If damage has already occurred and cracks & missing mortar or bricks are already present, repairs will need to be done before waterproofing sealant can be applied. Contact the professionals at Chimney Solutions to find out why residents in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Norcross, Woodstock, Marietta, Kennesaw, Canton and the surrounding areas have trusted us to waterproof their chimney.

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