Electric Fireplaces & Inserts

When some people think of an electric fireplace, they think of a device that’s not much more than a glorified space heater. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s electric fireplaces and fireplace inserts by top makers such as Valor not only do a great job of heating a room, but they also look fantastic while doing it.
Electric fireplaces installed in Cartersville & Atalanta GA

8 Reasons to Consider an Electric Fireplace

Fireplaces are popular the world over as supplemental heating appliances and beautiful amenities to spruce up the décor of any home. While gas and wood fireplaces continue to be the most popular styles, electric fireplaces are gaining traction and showing up in more and more homes throughout the Atlanta, GA, area.

Chimney Solutions of Atlanta would like to share eight of the many reasons homeowners love electric fireplaces.

  1. Super-easy to use: A switch brings instant heat and extinguishes it just as fast.
  2. No live flames: While electric fireplaces and inserts are made with lovely firebox visuals resembling a real fire, there’s no actual flame that can cause fire or injury.
  3. Gorgeous appearance: Modern Valor electric fireplaces use advanced firebox technology, including faux birch, driftwood and splitwood logs, along with a variety of attractive lighting options to make your fireplace come alive.
  4. They look like fireplaces: Electric fireplaces are built with the same type of sleek finishes and design styles as “traditional” fireplaces.
  5. Zero maintenance: If you’ve used a wood fireplace, you know the work involved to keep it up and keep it clean. Gas fireplaces also require regular cleaning and inspections. Electric fireplaces don’t need any of this. They’re the ultimate “plug-and-play” appliances.
  6. Versatile placement: Because electric fireplaces require no venting, they can be placed in virtually any wall within your home, including in walls between rooms for two-sided enjoyment.
  7. Zone heating: With different sizes and heat outputs, electric fireplaces by Valor are perfect for zone heating in bedrooms, kitchens and even bathrooms.
  8. Straightforward installation: You can have a beautiful new electric fireplace installed for as little as $2,000. We do all the work, and we do it right.

Electric Fireplace Inserts

If you’re using an open masonry fireplace, you’ve probably noticed that it doesn’t retain very much of its heat. Not only that, it takes a lot of work to keep “standard” fireplaces clean and safe. An electric fireplace insert solves these and other problems.

Electric inserts are made to fit right into the firebox of your masonry fireplace. Their closed system prevents massive heat loss and the draftiness often associated with wood-burning masonry fireplaces.

Electric fireplaces & inserts being installed in homes in Dallas & Dawsonville GA

Expert Installation and Service

Atlanta residents appreciate the complete service that Chimney Solutions offers when they’re looking to add a new fireplace or fireplace insert to their homes. Our crew will start by helping you select the perfect electric fireplace model to match your heating requirements and decorative tastes.

We’ll then install your new appliance correctly and safely. All work performed by our trained installation crew is done in strict compliance with all state and local codes.

Chimney Solutions Is Ready to Help

Throughout the greater Alpharetta and Atlanta areas of Georgia, Chimney Solutions is the team to call for all your fireplace and chimney needs. If it’s time to learn more about the value and beauty of electric fireplaces, speak with one of our chimney and fireplace experts today by calling (770) 255-1300. You can also get in touch with our simple contact form.

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