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Chimney Liner Problems and Solutions

After chimney inspections are completed, chimney technicians often advise homeowners that a chimney liner replacement is needed. The good news Read more

Convert Your Wood Burning Fireplace To Gas 

Have you ever wondered about converting your wood-burning fireplace to gas? It is a relatively simple transition. Our technicians at Read more

Is Your Chimney Making You Sick?

Ah, the soothing wood-burning fireplace’s crackling flames and cozy warmth are the perfect antidote to a chilly Atlanta evening. But Read more

Why Do Chimney Flue Tiles Crack?

The liners inside built-in chimneys are typically made with clay tiles. Eventually, homeowners might have occasion to wonder why chimney Read more

Why You Need A Chimney Scan

What is a chimney scan anyway? Well simply, it is a safety inspection. You wonder, why do I have to Read more

Identifying and Avoiding Fraudulent Chimney Companies

The cozy glow of a fireplace makes your home feel warm and inviting, but keeping your chimney safe requires responsible Read more

How to Strengthen and Improve Chimney Draft Performance

Have you ever suffered the suffocating effects of a drafty fireplace? If so, you may be glad to learn how Read more

Gas Vs Wood Fireplace: Which Is Right For You?

So, you are thinking of purchasing a gas or wood-burning fireplace—a decision you will want to make after some research. Read more

What Problems Could Arise In My Chimney’s Smoke Chamber?

It’s a crisp winter evening, and like many folks in Norcross and Metro Atlanta, you are enjoying the subtle warmth Read more

Winter Bliss and Other Benefits of a Fireplace Insert 

Heat sources use the most electricity in a typical home, requiring four times more energy than cooling. This is just Read more

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