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Gas Vs Wood Fireplace: Which Is Right For You?

So, you are thinking of purchasing a gas or wood-burning fireplace—a decision you will want to make after some research. Read more

What Problems Could Arise In My Chimney’s Smoke Chamber?

It’s a crisp winter evening, and like many folks in Norcross and Metro Atlanta, you are enjoying the subtle warmth Read more

Winter Bliss and Other Benefits of a Fireplace Insert 

Heat sources use the most electricity in a typical home, requiring four times more energy than cooling. This is just Read more

Clearing the Air: Solving the Mystery of Your Smelly Fireplace  

We have all experienced a day when you smell something from your fireplace.  Whether it is from moisture, leaves, debris, Read more

Soldaguard Fogging Service | Enhanced Safety & Comfort

As a homeowner in Alpharetta, GA, you know the importance of a clean chimney and fireplace to maintain a healthy Read more

Unveiling the Role and Importance of Chimney Caps

“What is a chimney cap and why do I need one?” Because this is a common question, we are unveiling Read more

Unique Chimney Designs and Architectural Masterpieces

A fireplace is timeless. With its warmth and coziness, a home with a fireplace is so much more inviting. The Read more

Fireplace Feng Shui

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese philosophy that believes our environment profoundly impacts our well-being, prosperity, and overall life balance. Read more

Avoiding Chimney Fires: Important Prevention Measures

Before preparing for the pleasure of a cozy fire, stop and think about safety. Avoiding chimney fires: important prevention measures Read more

The Dangers of Ignoring Chimney Leaks

Water is probably the most invasive element to damage your home. Let’s talk about the damage that water through your Read more

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