Chimney Crown Repair

Our Certified Chimney Sweep technicians travel across Atlanta, Sandy Springs, Cartersville, Flowery Branch, Chamblee, Dunwoody, Fair Oaks, Brookhaven, Fayetteville, and Smyrna to repair and rebuild chimney crowns.

chimney flashing repair

The chimney crown is essentially the roof of your chimney. It caps off the top of your chimney, only leaving the flue open for smoke to escape. The crown protects the chimney top from weather-related deterioration and damage. In fact, it acts much like an umbrella and the slanted design allows the water to run off of the chimney to help prevent moisture damage inside of the chimney system. A good chimney crown is vital to the longevity of the entire chimney so homeowners should maintain a close eye on the condition of their chimney crown. An annual inspection is a great way to ensure your chimney crown is in good repair and functioning properly.

Once your chimney crown begins to show cracks and damage, it doesn’t take long for the rest of your chimney to start deteriorating. Chimney crown sealing or chimney crown rebuilding will help save you from extensive water or moisture damage in the future. If you notice cracks on your chimney crown, it’s best to get it addressed immediately to avoid future headaches. Our certified chimney technicians will perform a visual inspection of the top of your chimney in order to determine how watertight your chimney crown is. If the crown of your chimney is in need of attention, we will recommend the best procedure to get the issues resolved quickly.

Chimney Crown Sealant

As long as the chimney crown is structurally sound, a product called crown seal can be applied to any cracks or openings. This long-lasting, flexible coating provides a waterproof membrane on top of your chimney crown to ensure water does not seep into the masonry materials of your chimney. Prior to applying the sealant, any large cracks will be filled with patching material. When properly applied, this chimney crown sealant will remain intact and effective for 15+ years.

If you notice signs of aging or deterioration, contact Chimney Solutions immediately. Our certified chimney sweep crews travel across Atlanta, Alpharetta, Roswell, Duluth, Lawrenceville, Norcross, Woodstock, Marietta, Cumming, Kennesaw, Buford, and Gainesville GA sealing and repairing chimney crowns & servicing other chimney components to keep homeowners  safely and happily enjoy their fireplace.

chimney crown rebuild in Fayetteville GAChimney Crown Rebuilding

If your chimney crown is in poor condition, it may be time to have it rebuilt. When the crown has missing pieces or lacks structural integrity, the only remedy is to remove the failing crown and replace it using a pre-cast concrete or cast-in-place steel reinforced concrete crown. If the chimney crown is properly constructed, the chimney crown should overhang the dimensions of the chimney itself to stop water from running down the face of the bricks and other masonry materials.

Be wary of masons who want to use a mortar mix to create a new top for the chimney. Mortar is not weather resistant and will soak up water and moisture which can lead to quick erosion and deterioration.

It will pay to keep a good eye on the state of your chimney crown. During your annual inspection, our chimney sweep technicians will monitor the condition of your crown to ensure it is in good repair and properly keeping moisture out of your chimney system.

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