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Repairing Leaning Chimney is the Atlanta area is one of our specialties. We have a cost-effective way to fix your leaning chimney (in many cases) rather than tearing the chimney down and rebuilding the chimney.

Leaning chimneys are a common sight here in the Atlanta area. Homes that were built several years ago are more susceptible to this condition than newer homes, due to differences in construction standards. When a chimney runs up the side of a home, the exterior sides of the structure are solidly anchored to the home.

Problems can arise, however, when the portion that sits above the roofline has a wall (or walls) that sits directly on top of the roof decking. The long term effect of a chimney wall sitting on the roof deck is a wearing of the wood, rafters and decking under those bricks. Over time the wall starts to sag and the chimney itself can actually lean in towards the house.

The good news is that leaning chimneys can be fixed. Most of the chimneys in our area are wooden chimney chases wrapped in brick. The chimney chase contains the chimney venting pipe that leads from your fireplace or stove to the top of your chimney. If the top of the chimney starts to lean, it’s time to call in our chimney sweep experts. 

We have developed a great solution for this problem. Our work can save the existing above-the-roof, brick-covered chimney chase structure opposed to tearing it down and rebuilding a new structure which is an extremely expensive project. Our innovative method pushes the chimney back in place, giving homeowners a quick & cost-effective option for fixing a leaning chimney.

leaning chimney roswell dunwoody atlantaOur method for repairing a tilted chimney is approved by structural engineers and will provide a long-lasting solution, which homeowners can breathe easy about. Beyond just making the chimney look better, this project will also remedy what could become a real tragedy if the entire top portion of the chimney wall falls onto and damages the roof.

Our Procedure - Fixing Leaning Chimney

When our chimney experts fix a chimney that is leaning toward the house, we start by installing bracing inside and outside of the chimney chase that is attached to the roof with adjustable threaded rigging and solidly connected inside the chase with a wood brace. The pressure is then applied on the leaning wall to reposition the chimney to bring the structure into alignment.

Once we push the leaning chimney into place and the exterior braces are installed, the technician will go inside the chimney chase and install additional permanent reinforcements. 2x6 planking and angle iron will be attached to the structure to disperse the weight across the weight load away from the roof deck.

Our technicians will install several angle iron corner pieces to help keep the chimney where it belongs. All the interior reinforcements are designed to continue below the roofline to improve the integrity of the entire chimney’s strength.

leaning chimney repair in Atlanta GA

Any wood installed inside the chimney chase will be within the guidelines that dictate the required distance from the chimney pipe. The roof deck and flashing may also need some reinforcing as well to create a leak-proof interface with the roof. Once this work is complete, any cracks in the mortar or brick replacement will be fixed using our professional tuckpointing techniques.

If you notice that your chimney has begun to lean, it’s best to schedule chimney repair before major reconstruction is needed. Call our CSIA Certified Chimney Technicians to schedule a leaning chimney repair and get a long-term solution to this pesky problem.

Unique Leaning Chimney Repairs throughout the Greater Atlanta GA area and Chattanooga TN

*Additional charges for projects outside of the Metro Atlanta area including a service charge to travel to the area to provide an estimate prior to completing the project.

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