Chimney & Fireplace Repairs

We provide chimney and fireplace repairs for customers in Atlanta, Alpharetta, Fair Oaks, Brookhaven, Fayetteville, Smyrna, Tucker, Johns Creek, and Cumming, GA.

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Masonry Work

We offer all types of repairs and restorations, whether it’s small masonry repairs or entire chimney rebuilding. Our crew of fireplace & chimney experts specializes in chimney rebuilding, chimney lining, tuckpointing, chimney crown maintenance, firebox repair, and parging.

Chimney Liners

One of the most crucial components of your whole chimney system is the chimney liner. During your annual inspection, our certified techs will analyze the condition of your current liner and make sure that it is safe for use and free of cracks, blockages, or deterioration. If you need a new liner, we specialize in chimney relining services.

Smoky Fireplace

Having problems with a smoky fireplace? If you are experiencing chimney drafting issues, there may be a number of causes. Our certified chimney sweeps can identify potential problems that can cause smoke to back up in your living space and remedy the issue quickly.

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Smoke Chamber

This transitional area between the firebox and flue is often overlooked, but it’s where 60% of chimney fires start. Most smoke chamber issues occur because of improper construction or lack of parging, which can create issues with smoke and combustibles leaving the chimney as it should. If your smoke chamber needs parged or repaired, turn to Chimney Solutions.

Firebox Repair

Although the refractory mortar and firebricks that are used to construct the firebox are able to withstand extremely high temperatures, they are still vulnerable to deterioration and degradation over time. It’s time to repair or rebuild your firebox if it shows signs of cracks, missing mortar, or deterioration.

Fireplace Restoration

Restore the beauty of your fireplace by adding a raised hearth, a new surround or mantel, or a brand new fireplace. We also repair stone & brickwork along with fireboxes and smoke chambers. You can love your fireplace again by giving it a fresh, new look.

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Chimney Crowns

The chimney crown is the roof of your chimney which protects the chimney top from weather-related deterioration and damage. A chimney crown helps prevent water damage in the internal chimney system, so it should always been in good condition and free of cracks or openings that can allow water to seep into masonry. Whether you want to seal or rebuild your chimney crown, we can help.

Chimney Waterproofing

Over the course of a year, chimneys are subject to harsh weather conditions that can wear down the integrity of masonry. We recommend that you treat your chimney with a water repellent coating to help prolong its useful life and structural integrity.

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