Give your Fireplace a Makeover

fireplace rebuildDuring your annual inspection, a chimney sweep tech may inform you that your fireplace or firebox is in need of repairs. If this happens to you, why not take this opportunity to breathe life into your old, worn out fireplace and give it a pleasing new makeover? Here are a few options you can consider when remodeling your fireplace.

Firebox Rebuild

The interior area of your fireplace where you burn wood is known as the firebox. The materials like refractory mortar and firebricks which are used to construct this area are able to withstand extremely high temperatures, but they are still vulnerable to deterioration after many years of use. When a fire is burning, the masonry materials that make up the fireplace and chimney heat up. Once the fire has burned out, the materials begin to cool. The heating and cooling cycle will eventually cause the mortar to crack and crumble which can cause holes or cracks to form in the firebox. This can be an issue because it can let hot gases or burning embers escape into surrounding walls or living spaces and potentially cause a fire.

If you need to repair your firebox, go the extra mile and do a firebox rebuild which will give it a fresh, new look. When you rebuild your firebox, consider the following options:

  • Use modern-style bricks
  • Install the bricks in a herringbone pattern
  • Choose firebricks that will create a dramatic effective

Fireplace Insert

Beautiful Fireplace InsertsIf you are going to give your fireplace a makeover, why not increase your heat efficiency and lower your utility bills in the process? A fireplace insert is a great choice for homeowners who want to heat their living area more effectively while slashing their heating bill. Inserts are also great at providing a quick solution to many fireplace problems like chimney drafting issues.

Fireplace inserts are quick and easy to install and fit directly into most zero clearance and masonry fireplaces. Homeowners can choose from wood burning, pellet, gas, or electric fireplace inserts. No matter which insert type is chosen, homeowners will be able to enjoy a more efficient and easier-to-use fireplace. The great news about choosing a fireplace insert is that it is generally less expensive than doing an entire fireplace rebuild.

New Mantel or Custom Surround

Is your current mantel or surround a bit outdated? Have you had the same fireplace surround since the 80s? The quickest way to give your fireplace an exciting new look is to freshen up the mantel or surround. A new design trend is to remove the mantel and shelf all together for a sleeker appearance. You could also replace an old or broken mantel, or even do something as simple as apply a new stain or coat of paint. Many fireplace & hearth stores offer custom surrounds that feature granite, tile, or beautiful wooden designs. Just these small changes can create a big impact on how your fireplace looks.

If you are interested in giving your fireplace a makeover, talk with the pros at Chimney Solutions. We’ll have you feeling excited about your fireplace once again.

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