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Smoky Fireplace & Fireplace Drafting

As you burn a fire, smoke and all combustible gases should leave your home up through your chimney. If you notice smoke entering your living space when you burn a fire, you may be experiencing drafting issues. Because your chimney and fireplace is a complex system made of many parts, finding the cause of your chimney drafting problem may require the help of an expert.  At Chimney Solutions, our experienced professionals are completely trained and CSIA certified so we can quickly identify any discrepancies in your chimney or fireplace that may be causing drafting issues. An annual chimney and fireplace inspection will help us determine possible solutions to a smoky fireplace.

Factors that affect chimney drafting:

Clogs or Blockages- If your flue is clogged with debris or nests built by unwelcome critters, it can create a blockage that doesn’t allow smoke, air, and combustibles to escape properly out of your chimney. Instead, they will begin to back up inside the house, which can lead to dangerous and uncomfortable situations for the homeowners.

Fireboxes- Improperly designed fireboxes that are too small or not close enough to the back wall of the chimney will also cause chimney drafting issues. To be of proper dimensions, there needs to be 10 square inches of firebox for every square inch of flue. Also, it’s important that the firebox is no more than one inch away from the very back wall of the chimney. Both of these design features will ensure that the smoke and combustibles created by burning a fire are not too close to the front of the firebox to properly escape up the chimney.

Chimney Design- If any component in your chimney system was designed incorrectly or is not the correct ratio to the rest of the system, drafting may occur. Improper flue angles can also cause smoke to enter your living space since the hot air may not produce enough force to pass through non-vertical passageways. Ensuring that the fireplace and chimney components were built to code can eliminate potential drafting concerns.

Chimney Caps- If your chimney cap is dirty or covered in leaves, twigs, or other debris, the smoke produced when you burn a fire may not be able to exit out the top of your chimney. A chimney cap that is too small or not installed as it should be can cause smoke to enter into the house as well. If you are unsure about the condition of your chimney cap, call the pros at Chimney Solutions for help. A chimney cap is relatively inexpensive and quick & easy to install, making it a simple solution for drafting issues caused by your old chimney cap.

chimney cleaning in Atlanta GACreosote or Soot- Over time, creosote and soot can begin to build up and form a layer of black, sticky crust on the inside of your chimney. If this coating on your flue gets too thick, it can cause drafting issues in the rest of your chimney and fireplace. Creosote is very dangerous since it’s extremely combustible and hard to detect since homeowners do not regularly check inside their chimney flue. An annual cleaning can get rid of any creosote buildup which not only will fix drafting issues, but it will allow homeowners to safely use their fireplace without worry.

Does your fireplace have you going up in smoke? We install Exhaust Fan Systems to help chimney drafting problems!

Chimney Solutions has been helping homeowners in Atlanta, Georgia and the surrounding areas with their drafting issues for over 15 years. Call our certified chimney sweep technicians to learn more about how we can help determine the cause of your smoky fireplace and quickly find a solution.

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