What is the Purpose of a Fireplace Screen?

Cozying up to a fire in winter is among the wonderful pleasures of a fireplace. But you may wonder, “What is the purpose of a fireplace screen?” It’s great to ask such questions since risk is always involved when lighting fires. Decidedly, a fireplace screen should be on your list of accessories. The following are answers to what is the purpose of a fireplace screen.

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Prevent Fire Damage

Wood-burning fireplaces produce an incredible ambiance. Between the woodsy scents, the crackle and pop of burning logs, and the dancing flames, wood fires have the power to mesmerize. Those crackles and pops, however, sometimes propel embers out of the firebox. Rugs, furniture, and other nearby combustibles could catch fire or suffer burn marks. What is arguably the most important purpose of a fireplace screen? Without a protective screen, persons and pets can be injured by burning materials that roll or pop out of the fireplace.

Protect Against Burns from Glass Doors

The first reported case of a child being burned by glass doors on a fireplace occurred in 1998, according to a recent study. The glass doors on a gas fireplace get as hot as 400º F within 6 minutes, and it can take as long as 45 minutes for doors to cool down completely. 

The American Burn Association has found that most victims of burn injuries from glass fireplace doors are 11 to 14 months old. The little ones typically end up with burns from the fireplace glass in one of three ways:

  • They are learning to walk and lose their balance
  • They walk too close to the glass doors 
  • They touch the glass out of curiosity

Pets can also become curious or get too rambunctious, the result being they are injured by coming into contact with hot fireplace doors. A fireplace screen provides good protection against such burn injuries.

Keep Children and Pets Away

Children and pets also need protection against wood fires with no glass doors. What better purpose of a fireplace screen could there be than keeping toddlers and furry friends from falling into the flames? As soon as they are old enough, children should be taught to stay at least three feet away from a fireplace that’s in use. 

fireplace screens Atlanta, GABeautify Your Hearth

The only downside to a stylish, eye-catching fireplace screen is that its beauty and elegance may distract from the fact of its practical benefits. Shop the many sizes, styles, finishes, and colors of decorative fireplace screens so that your hearth can complement your home décor perfectly. 

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