Cleaning A “Haunted” Chimney

October is finally here. That means it’s the time for falling leaves, s’mores, fun Trick or Treat decorations, and cleaning a haunted chimney.

“Wait, did you just say a haunted chimney?” Yes, we did. As it turns out, this time of year is particularly noteworthy for strange, creepy crawly sounds emanating from your fireplace. What is the source of these noises? Did Casper invite his friends to live in it with him? Do you need to call the Ghostbusters for assistance? Let’s find out together as we unpack ways of cleaning a haunted chimney.

chimney inspection in Atlanta, GASchedule a sweep and inspection

While we’ve been playing up the supernatural theme somewhat today, the reality is there are non-spooky reasons why you have a noisy chimney. Instead of ghosts, goblins, and other creatures, it’s more likely you have problems that need to be addressed. The first of these is a sweep and inspection from Chimney Solutions. Our team will remove any creosote buildup within your flue while also taking the time to analyze any unforeseen problem we encounter.

To put it another way, cleaning a “haunted” chimney is less about ghouls and more about proper maintenance.

Fixing problems

One of those proper maintenance items means that a CSIA-certified technician fixes any problems they identify during an inspection. Those can include: 

  • Missing caps
  • Damaged crowns
  • Malfunctioning dampers
  • Cracked flue tiles
  • Masonry-based issues

Once repaired, cleaning a haunted chimney will be more effective. Otherwise, many of the problems that led to your haunting will reappear.

Kicking the “ghosts” out

Beyond physical problems, you may have unwanted visitors in your flue. Is this where Casper and his friends come into play? No, but instead there are other invaders. Those include rodents, birds, leaves, and other types of debris. These are some of the more common causes of a noisy chimney.

It’s important to remove these quickly. In addition, you’ll want a technician to clean out their nests and droppings at the same time. Otherwise, this can lead to both blockages as well as health issues for your family.

chimney cap repair in Stone Mountain GAA proactive approach

Finally, cleaning a haunted chimney is one thing. Keeping issues at bay before they happen is a way to prevent another unexpected haunting. Simple tasks such as waterproofing can help with dripping sounds. A cap is a great way to keep birds, rodents, and other debris from creating a home in your flue. It can also help mitigate the sound of wind blowing into your flue.

Finally, inspections can find structural defects and repair them before they become full-blown issues. 

The best solution for cleaning a haunted chimney

Summarizing our tips today, the best solution for cleaning a haunted chimney is to set up an annual maintenance routine. This allows for a company such as ours to inspect your system, identify problems, and implement repair solutions. 

Would you like to learn more about how we can help? Then let us know. You can call Chimney Solutions at 770-255-1300 (Atlanta) or 423-551-9912 (Chattanooga); you can also send our team a message through our online contact form.

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