Preventing Rust On Or Around Your Chimney

Have you noticed the outside of your chimney starting to rust? Unfortunately, it’s normal for chimneys to rust over time as they’re exposed to the elements. However, there are things you can do to prevent your chimney from rusting and address the problem once it’s already happened. Here’s why rusting happens and what you can do to prevent it on your chimney.

Rusty Chimney Chase Cover Repairs in Peachtree City GACauses of Chimney Rusting

One of the biggest causes of chimney rusting is exposure to moisture. Large amounts of snow and rain often lead to chimney rust, as do very humid environments. While small amounts of rust are difficult to prevent, a lack of maintenance often speeds up the rusting process.

When your chimney rusts, you’ll notice that the metal starts to lose its color and eventually takes on a stained red or orange hue. Chimney rust usually starts on the chimney cap or chase cover but can extend down the length of your chimney’s exterior if it’s exposed to the outside. The flashing attached to your chimney may also start to rust as well. Even a small amount of rust can cause your chimney to break down more quickly. If the rust makes its way to the inside of your firebox, be sure to talk to a chimney professional as soon as possible, and avoid using your fireplace until the rust has been repaired.

What to Do If Your Chimney Rusts

If you notice rust on your chimney, don’t panic. A chimney professional will help you remove the rust from your chimney and get it looking good as new. Industrial-strength cleaning solutions are designed to remove even the most intense rust. In particularly extreme cases of rust, you may need to replace part or all of your chimney.

Don’t attempt to clean or replace parts of your chimney on your own. This is a serious safety hazard, particularly if you need to get up on the roof to make the repairs.

How to Prevent Chimney Rusting

The best way to prevent your chimney from rusting is to use metals that are rust-resistant throughout your chimney. Stainless steel is typically considered the most rust-resistant. However, copper is also a good option. Your chimney cap, liner, flashing, and other metal components should all be made with a rust-resistant metal. If your chimney is old, you may need to proactively replace these parts.

Professional Chimney Repair Company in Fayetteville, GAHire A Chimney Expert

It’s also very important to schedule regular chimney inspections and maintenance with a professional team. Experts will identify small amounts of rust on your chimney early on, giving you the opportunity to remove it before the problem gets worse. They can also identify if bigger water damage is present. If you don’t keep up with chimney maintenance, rust can spread out of control and become very difficult to remove.

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