Roswell GA Leaky Chimney Repairs

Chimney leaks can lead to the need for costly repairs. Residents in Roswell GA, Alpharetta GA, East Cobb GA, Dunwoody GA, and Sandy Springs as well as throughout Fulton County, Dekalb County, and Cobb County trust the experts at Chimney Solutions to fix their leaky chimneys and repair damage caused by moisture.

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If you discover water in your attic, water stains on walls near the fireplace, a puddle in your firebox, or moisture at the base of the chimney, call on Chimney Solutions for trusted chimney leak repair services, as many homeowners in Roswell GA have done. There are many places where chimneys can leak, and our certified experts know how to spot leaks and moisture problems wherever they exist on a chimney or fireplace.

leaking chimney in roswell gaPotential Causes of Chimney Leaks

When a chimney leaks, the exact cause is not often obvious at first glance. In the experience of our chimney experts, narrowing down the possibilities to the exact cause of a chimney leak typically involves a process of elimination. The following are some of the potential causes of leaky chimneys among homeowners in Roswell GA, Sandy Springs GA, East Cobb GA, Alpharetta GA, and Dunwoody GA, as well as in Fulton County, Cobb County, and Dekalb County.

Chimney Cap Needed – Rain can easily enter your chimney, if it is not covered by a chimney cap. Moisture that soaks into masonry, brick, and your flu lining causes many potential problems. Installation of a chimney cap is highly recommended for everyone with a fireplace, including homeowners in Roswell GA and elsewhere.

Chimney Liner Needed – Combustion byproducts contain a lot of moisture, and the chimney liner helps to protect the masonry from destructive moisture. When a chimney cools down, the drop in temperature causes a lot of condensation, which can also cause moisture damage. A leaky chimney in Roswell GA can be caused by a missing or cracked chimney liner. A chimney inspection can help determine the condition of your chimney liner and identify any potential leaks.

Faulty Flashing – The metal part of the chimney which creates a waterproof connection between the roof and the chimney is the “flashing.” The metal deteriorates far more quickly than other components of the chimney. If even a small amount of rust begins to allow moisture to leak in, the damaged flashing can result in major structural damage on your roof.

Damaged Chimney Crown – The chimney crown is the cement cover that tops the chimney. If the crown cracks or begins crumbling, water can seep into the venting system between the flue and the chimney masonry, resulting in moisture damage.

repairing chimney chase cover in Roswell GAQualified Chimney Repairs

Moisture is the number one cause of chimney problems, and the damage it can cause can be extensive. No time should be wasted addressing the issue, once signs of moisture damage become evident. Better yet, don’t wait until the damage is obvious. Schedule annual chimney inspections so that our chimney experts at Chimney Solutions can catch problems before the damage done by moisture is invasive. Contact our chimney professionals for repair of chimney leaks in Roswell GA and the surrounding communities.

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