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    Chimney Services in Vinings, GA

    When something goes wrong with their chimneys and fireplaces, Vinings, GA, residents rely on Chimney Solutions to get the problem solved quickly. Since 1998, we’ve provided reliable chimney sweeping, chimney repairs & rebuilding chimney inspections, and sales and installations of home heating appliances throughout the Vinings area. For more than 20 years, we’ve been the name northern Georgia trusts.

    Certified Chimney cleaning in Vinings, GA

    Chimney Sweep In Vinings GA

    Our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps are ready to keep your chimney clean and efficient all year long. We use a variety of specialized tools to remove flammable creosote and reduce the chance of a chimney fire. Annual chimney sweep services will keep your home and family safe and keep your chimney operating correctly.

    Chimney sweeping also includes the removal of drafting obstructions such as tree debris and small-animal nests that may have entered your flue. By keeping your flue clean at your Vinings home, you allow smoke and deadly carbon monoxide to easily flow up and out of your chimney instead of into your house.

    Chimney Inspections

    One of the easiest ways to save a lot of money on home upkeep is through annual chimney inspections. When a professional inspector evaluates your chimney, you’ll know right away about any repair work that’s needed so you can get it taken care of before large, expensive repair projects become necessary.

    We perform all three recognized levels of chimney inspection throughout the Vinings, GA, area:

    • Level 1: The basic annual inspection.
    • Level 2: Performed when the house is being sold, when the system is being modified and when a chimney fire or malfunction has occurred. We use video-scan technology for Level 2 chimney inspections.
    • Level 3: An inspection needed when known significant damage has happened to your chimney.

    Certified Chimney repair In Vinings, GA


    Chimney Repairs/Masonry Work

    Whatever is wrong with your chimney or fireplace, we have the solution. Our chimney repair experts work year-round in Vinings and other local communities, making sure that chimneys are safe, high-performing, and in great shape.

    Our chimney repair and masonry work include:

    • Chimney liner repair/installation
    • Chimney crown rebuilding/waterproofing
    • Chimney cap installation/repair
    • Masonry repair, tuckpointing & brick replacement
    • Chimney liner repair/installation
    • Chimney leak repair
    • Masonry waterproofing
    • Fireplace damper repair/replacement
    • Roof flashing replacement
    • and much more.

    Certified Chimney Builders in Vinings, GA

    Vinings GA Chimney Rebuilding

    Severely damaged chimneys often need partial or complete chimney rebuilding to restore safety and performance. We can solve the problem of major chimney damage and give you a new chimney that will serve you well for many years to come.

    Chimney rebuilding is a project that should never be undertaken by novices or “handymen.” Only trained, experienced technicians are capable of restoring your chimney in a way that is safe and looks fantastic. We specialize in rebuilding damaged chimneys.

    fireplace insert install in Vinings, GA

    Fireplaces, Stoves, Fireplace Inserts: Sales & Installation

    If you’re in the market for a new zero-clearance fireplace, heating stove, or powerful fireplace insert, we’re happy to help you find the perfect model that will meet your heating needs and aesthetic requirements. We’ll then install your new appliance so that it runs right, performs safely and complies with any local zoning and fire-safety codes. Find out how easy it is to transform the supplemental heating system in your Vinings, GA, home.

    Watch Out for Chimney Services Scams

    When hiring a chimney services company for a chimney sweep, repair, inspection, or rebuilding services, you need to make sure you’re hiring someone credible and experienced. Not all chimney companies fit this description.

    Before signing on the dotted line, here are some suggestions:

    • Make sure the company has the proper licensing and insurance
    • Confirm that technicians are certified through the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA)
    • Check Yelp reviews
    • Check the company out with the local Better Business Bureau
    • Ask for references and get in touch with them
    • Find a good company with the CSIA website
    • In general, do your homework

    When your Vinings, GA, chimney needs help, Chimney Solutions of nearby Alpharetta, is on call year-round to solve the problem. Reach us at (770) 255-1300.

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