4 Common Chimney Problems You May Have

chimney inspection, fayetteville gaChimney issues are not unusual, and, in fact, there are more than a few common chimney problems experienced by homeowners in the Alpharetta GA area. The longer chimney maintenance is neglected, the greater the likelihood that repairs and services are needed. It is often during a chimney inspection that issues are discovered because it can take a long while for chimney deterioration to become evident. Your chimney may have one of the following common chimney problems and you never would have guessed, with the possible exception of the first example listed below.

Animals in the Chimney

If there is a creature in your chimney, it is usually best for you to find out while the animal or bird is still alive. Worst case scenario is when a horrendous smell reveals that a raccoon, squirrel, snake, bird, or bat gained access into your home through the chimney and died there.  It is important to contact a trained and experienced chimney sweep for this type of problem. Certain hazards are involved, whether dealing with a living or a dead animal.

The best way to avoid having to deal with animals in your chimney is to install a chimney cap with mesh and schedule annual chimney inspections and ongoing maintenance to ensure that it is still doing its job of keeping animals and moisture out.

Chimney Flashing Damage

The metal portion of the chimney that connects it with a waterproof seal to the roof is one of the top reasons chimney repair services are needed. Chimney flashing is prone to leak. A rusty nail is sometimes the cause of a leak. Most often, however, the problem has to do with installation. It is difficult to install chimney flashing properly. For this reason, it is especially important to trust flashing repairs to a certified chimney sweep who can get the job done right.

chimney crown repair, roswell gaA Cracked Chimney Crown

A chimney crown is the white portion of a chimney at the very top. The type of material used to build chimney crowns is prone to crack and deteriorate as a result of exposure to the harsh elements. It can be very difficult to identify this problem without getting on top of the roof.

Annual chimney inspections are recommended by fire safety experts, and having a professional chimney sweep on your roof checking the chimney crown is one of the many benefits of this recommended service, as these professional chimney sweeps have the equipment and extensive training to safely work on rooftops.

Deteriorating Mortar

Chimney mortar only lasts about 25 years, at best, whereas masonry can last 100 years and more. It is essential to keep an eye on various aspects of a chimney designed to keep moisture out, including the condition of the mortar. Once it begins to break and flake off, the masonry system becomes more vulnerable to water intrusion.  Homeowners can cut the cost of chimney repair if tuckpointing can be performed.  Tuckpointing is a procedure in which old mortar is scraped out and new mortar is added. This procedure adds renewed stability.

The only way a chimney mortar problem can be addressed with tuckpointing is if the issue is identified early enough to keep moisture out of the masonry. Once water intrusion has occurred, bricks are on an irreversible path to complete deterioration. The chimney will begin leaning and could collapse if affected bricks are not replaced.

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