7 Benefits of Heating with a Fireplace or Wood Stove

Benefits of a FireplaceAnyone who has experienced a roaring fire in a fireplace during winter knows what an asset a fireplace can be to a household. Fireplaces are typically the most obvious focal point of any room, and they also usually have the most intricate architectural design in a home. There are other benefits to a fireplace, all of which also apply to wood stoves, as follows:

1-Light and Warmth During a Blackout. When the most serious and dangerous winter storms hit, the electricity often goes out. If you have a fireplace or wood stove and a supply of firewood, you don’t need to worry about suffering in the cold. Just keep the fire going, and you can stay toasty warm until power from the utility company is restored.

2-Handy Cooking Fire. Besides having a loss of lighting and warmth when electricity goes out, there is the problem of how to heat and cook food. In the absence of electricity, a wood stove with burners on top makes it possible to continue cooking meals as usual. You can also cut energy costs anytime by using the wood stove for heating coffee or soup as you provide warmth for the home. The fireplace can also be useful for meals, since you can roast weenies and possibly use a kettle for cooking.

3-Sustainable Resource. Firewood is an environmentally friendly resource for heating. No carbon footprint is left by burning firewood, which is not true of any other type of fuel. If you opt to use a fireplace insert or a modern wood stove, you can significantly reduce the amount of emissions released into the home and outdoors. There are even some wood-burning appliances that are efficient enough to qualify as smokeless heat sources.

4-Cut Energy Costs. When you use a wood stove or fireplace insert that is approved by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), you are using an efficient appliance that will provide a significant amount of heat for your home. Whether you have a fireplace insert or a wood stove, you can cut back on the amount of additional power needed from the utility company to warm your home.

5-Achieve Energy Independence. If you want to depend less and less on utility companies, having a fireplace or wood stove can help you achieve your goal in winter. Firewood can be the least expensive resource for heating, particularly if you own wooded property and can cut your own perpetual supply of free firewood.

6-Romantic Inspiration. What feature in a home is more romantic than a fireplace with a crackling fire inside? With or without a bear rug in front of the fire, a fireplace provides an iconic romantic fireside setting.

Beautiful Fireplaces7-Incomparable Ambiance. The cozy warmth and memorable setting created by a fire are unlike any other type of experience in a home. There is arguably no other ambiance as pleasurable as that provided by a fireplace.

These are just a few of the benefits of a fireplace, but homeowners should always keep in mind that fireplaces and wood stoves are also potential fire hazards. The most basic and important safety measure to take is to have your chimney inspected by a chimney professional.

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