Benefits of Annual Chimney Inspection

Getting your chimney inspected at least once a year is a must in order to keep it in good condition. Unfortunately, many chimney owners forego their inspections, which can result in ongoing structural and functional issues. Here’s why it’s so important to get an annual chimney inspection!

Chimney Inspections Marietta, GARemove Creosote Buildup

If you have a wood-burning fireplace, this is the most important reason to get a regular chimney inspection. Creosote is a byproduct of wood fires and can be very dangerous when it builds up.

Since creosote is highly flammable, it becomes a major fire hazard. Thick layers of creosote can also prevent smoke, carbon monoxide, and other chemicals from escaping properly through the flue, which serves as a serious health hazard. Finally, it also can irritate the skin and lungs over time if it isn’t removed.

It is very difficult to remove creosote on your own once it hardens. This is why it’s so important to have regular chimney inspections and get any residue or buildup removed by a professional.

Identify Structural Issues

Another very important reason to schedule regular chimney inspections is to catch potential structural flaws and schedule repairs. Over time, the masonry in your chimney can start to break down, especially if you don’t have a chimney cap or chimney liner to protect against water damage. When your masonry wears down, your chimney could start to lean or even collapse in on itself.

Luckily, these problems are repairable if you catch them early enough. However, if you let them go unaddressed for too long, it could result in damage to your entire roof. This comprehensive structural damage is difficult and expensive to repair once it gets out of control, so regular inspections can save you time and money in the long run.

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Blockages and Flue Problems

Finally, regular inspections are necessary to catch any flue problems or blockages that prevent smoke from flowing properly out of your home. If your flue damper isn’t working properly, it can trap smoke and chemical byproducts inside your home, which is a safety and health risk.

Debris or even small animals to get trapped in the top of your chimney, especially if you don’t have a chimney cap. You may not notice this debris buildup, especially if you aren’t checking your roof regularly.

A chimney professional will check for blockages during an inspection and help you remove them. They will also help you prevent these issues from happening again in the future.

Scheduling an annual chimney inspection is the easiest way to catch potential issues before they become too difficult to fix. We recommend scheduling inspections in the summer or fall, so you have time to make repairs before winter starts, but we offer them at any time of the year. At Chimney Solutions, our CSIA-certified chimney technicians offer comprehensive inspections as well as maintenance and repair solutions in the Atlanta area. Give us a call at (770)-874-6504 today or contact us online to make an appointment!

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