Around The Fireplace Activities

 Yule Log Burning FireplaceChristmastime is when families can get the most enjoyment from their fireplace. Chimney cleaning is standard practice to make sure St. Nick can drop in on Christmas Eve. Fireside holiday traditions abound, and none are more prevalent than hanging stockings from the fireplace mantel. The following are among the best fireside holiday activities that families enjoy together.

Burn a Yule Log

A yule log in ancient times represented a celebration of winter solstice, which is between December 20 and 23 every year. The day worthy of celebration all over the world marks the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere, after which the days begin getting longer and the nights grow shorter. There have been different yule log traditions through the ages. The simplest of them involves having each person in the family writing down a wish. All wishes are placed in the chosen yule log and burned on the day of winter solstice.

Roast Chestnuts

Every Christmas virtually everyone hears The Christmas Song that begins with the lyrics “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire,” but have you ever actually done what the lyrics suggest? If you haven’t roasted chestnuts before, there is something important you should know. Chestnuts explode in fires due to a buildup of steam unless you take the all-important step of scoring them. To score a chestnut, lay it on a cutting board flat-side-down. Next, use a serrated knife and cut an X on the round side. To cook it over your fire, you’ll set a cast iron frying pan containing rinsed, scored chestnuts on a bed of coals for 5 minutes. They’re delicious! Let the chestnut eating start your family’s singing of Christmas songs.

Have a Tree Decorating Party

When it’s time to trim the tree, invite family and close friends over. Light the fireplace, serve snacks and Christmas-y beverages, and create a craft station for kids of all ages to make ornaments. The ornaments you add to the tree will bring back fond memories of the party for years to come, though you may decide to make it an annual tradition.

Watch a Christmas Movie by the Fire

Make popcorn and other yummy snacks for movie-watching by the fire. There are so many Christmas movies to choose from! Before the big night, send everyone who will be there a list of all the Christmas movies you can think of or find with some research–and make sure they can all be made available for watching. Tell everyone to name their top picks from 1 through 10. On movie night, play a movie that made it on everyone’s list and as close to being the number one favorite as possible. Everyone will be happy with the pick!

Spread Joy

Many cities, churches, schools, and groups provide opportunities during the holidays to buy gifts for families who don’t have the funds for buying Christmas presents. Find out who the family is that you are helping, and get your entire family involved with choosing, buying, and later wrapping the gifts by the fireside—though at least three feet away! You may be able to participate by delivering gifts—if not to your chosen family, perhaps to others. Another way to spread joy if you have children is to find out about giving homemade Christmas cards to all the people in a nursing home. Make holiday cards together around the fireplace and then deliver them as a family, perhaps with a group. Spend time visiting the residents of the nursing home and the staff and consider giving any approved gifts, as well (many probably have special diets).

Annual Chimney Cleaning Chimney Cleaning

No one wants to disappoint Santa! Schedule chimney cleaning and a chimney inspection to make sure everything is ready for Christmas. The chimney sweep experts at Chimney Solutions have all the certifications that place the company on Santa’s nice list. Call (770) 771-5501 to schedule an appointment today. Have a happy ho-ho-ho-liday!

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