Benefits of Having a Clean Fireplace & Chimney

Fireplace Cleaning AtlantaThere’s nothing like a roaring fireplace to take the chill off cold winter evenings.  Even better is a fireplace that’s clean and fully operational from top to bottom.  Unfortunately, not every fireplace fits this description.  We want to tell you a few of the benefits of having a clean fireplace and chimney.

Like any other appliance, fireplaces and their connected chimneys or other vent systems won’t run forever without some maintenance and occasional repairs.  The reason this is so important with fireplaces – compared to, say, an electric can opener – is because a neglected fireplace equals a dangerous fireplace.

Yearly fireplace cleaning

The majority of fireplace disasters that happen to homeowners can be avoided simply by scheduling regular cleaning and inspections from a professional hearth services company.  The National Fire Protection Agency recommends that fireplaces and chimneys be inspected on an annual basis.  Cleaning isn’t usually needed more often than once a year, and the need for a thorough cleaning can be assessed during the inspection and often performed in conjunction.

Here are a few benefits you’ll enjoy:

  • Technicians skilled in chimney inspection are able to spot problems such as crumbling bricks or mortar, drafting issues, inefficient operation and the like. Catching these problems early is the key to a safe and enjoyable fireplace.
  • Chimney professionals have all the equipment necessary to perform routine inspections, cleaning and maintenance. They have the ability to inspect the chimney liner for creosote, a buildup of which can quickly ignite and burn down a house.  Because creosote forms in stages, and the last stage is much more difficult to remove, regular inspections make life in the home safer – and easier on the homeowner’s pocketbook.
  • Chimney sweeps, such as the ones who are part of the Chimney Solutions team, are fully trained on the way fireplaces and chimneys are constructed and operate. They understand all different types of vent systems and the special concerns with wood fireplaces vs. gas fireplaces, and they adhere to strict measures that ensure not only their own safety but the safety of the homeowners and the home itself.

What you can do to help keep your chimney clean

  • Burn only seasoned (dry) wood. Green wood produces excess smoke and creosote.
  • If you do any cleaning, only use products made for this purpose. Household cleaners can leave a flammable residue.
  • Remove ashes and fire debris from the firebox regularly. This will allow for quicker fire-starting and more even burns.
  • Never put out fires with water, unless there is an emergency situation. Water makes ash pasty, which is harder to clean out.
  • When a fire has been extinguished for 12 hours or so, that’s the time to do a thorough firebox cleaning with a broom or vacuum. Never attempt to clean a firebox if you suspect embers may still be alive.

Certified Chimney SweepsChimney cleaning projects

It’s unavoidable that your chimney will need regular cleaning.  Letting it go too long poses a huge risk to everyone who lives in the house – and neighbors, too, in the case of a serious house fire.  In addition to cleaning built-up toxins from the chimney, professional chimney technicians will inspect for and clean any kind of debris that might have found its way into the chimney during the previous 12 months.

Chimney Solutions of Atlanta is standing by to help with all aspects of annual maintenance, inspection and cleaning.  Schedule an appointment by calling (770) 268-3844.

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