What Can I Do with My Fireplace in the Summer?

Fireplace cleaning in summer - atlanta chimney sweepNow that winter is over, you’re probably wondering what you can do with your fireplace during the warm summer weather. Surprisingly, there are a lot of cool things you can do with your hearth area to keep it the center of attention even when a roaring fire is not burning. Here are a few of our bright ideas:

Flower Garden

Turning your fireplace into an indoor flower garden is a great way to add color and brighten the home. And the cool dry place is just what indoor plants need to thrive. Try mixing and matching potted plants with some flowers and create your own indoor summer time oasis. Some colorful flowers and plants to consider are Chrysanthemums, Daisies, Dragon Tree, and the Spider Plant. These not only grow well indoors with minimal light, they are also great for improving indoor air quality too.

Herb Garden

Summer is a great time of year to grow your own herbs and enjoy the wonderful flavors and aroma all summer. Simply neatly arrange your favorite herbs inside the fireplace. Clay pots work best. Herbs that tend to grow best in a cool, dry fireplace are bay, lavender, rosemary and sage. They are great for cooking and when winter rolls back in they can be used as fire starters to add a warm fragrant aroma to the room.

Tranquil Space

Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t curl up in your comfy chair with a good book. And decorating your fireplace with candles and incense will give you a peaceful space to unwind and relax whenever you want. For example, picture yourself on an exotic island vacation in the tropics with candles that have the fragrant aroma of cardamom, coconut, jasmine, or lotus blossom, without leaving the comforts of home.

Fireplace Makeover

Summer fireplace ideasBut if you’re tired of the same old fireplace year after year, summer is a great time for a fireplace makeover. There are virtually endless ideas for making over your fireplace. For starters, you could paint the bricks white for an elegant and sophisticated appearance. Or cover it in stone or slate veneer for a rustic or more modern looking fireplace without much effort.  If your fireplace needs some work, a complete fireplace restoration will bring the beauty back to your fireplace. Alternatively, installing a fireplace insert is a quick and easy way to instantly update your fireplace. Fireplace inserts are available in your choice of fuels including electric, gas, pellet and wood-burning.

Always start with a clean fireplace before using it in the summer. Be sure to contact Chimney Specialists to schedule your annual inspection and chimney sweep. Our certified specialists are here to help ensure your fireplace is safe for use, so you and your family will have years of enjoyment and satisfaction.

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