The Purpose and Function of a Chimney Cap

Alpharetta GA Chimney CapsAfter a chimney is built, a chimney cap still remains to be added, though it is vital protection against moisture. The biggest enemy of masonry chimneys is water intrusion. Keeping rain and sleet out of the system requires a chimney cap plus all components of the chimney above the roofline remaining in good condition. Various elements are similar in importance to the chimney cap in that keeping moisture out is their job.

What is a Chimney Cap?

There are different types of chimney caps, but they are all installed at the very top of the chimney and may be installed directly onto the flue pipe. Chimney sweeps recommend full-width chimney caps because they cover the flue and also the entire chimney crown. This is significant because chimney crowns, the cement part of chimneys at the top, are prone to crack and deteriorate as a result of exposure to the harsh outdoor elements.

While the chimney cap specifically prevents rain from going down the flue, the chimney crown prevents water from flowing between the flue and the chimney exterior. So, full-width chimney caps do a good job of preventing extensive masonry damage that might otherwise occur due to a deteriorating chimney crown.

Why is a Chimney Cap Needed?

Keeping water out of the masonry system is a crucial function of a chimney cap. Combustion fumes exit the chimney through the chimney cap, and there is more. Below are additional advantages of installing a chimney cap on your chimney.

Keep Animals Out

Raccoons, squirrels, birds, and snakes are among the critters known to seek shelter in a chimney. Whether drawn by the protection a chimney provides or the warmth in winter, animals climb in, create a mess, and sometimes can’t get back out.

In some parts of the US, federally protected birds called chimney swifts seek out chimneys to build nests in while on their migration route. It is against federal law to disturb these birds. Without a chimney cap, you could be stuck renting out your chimney for free until the baby birds are ready to fly, creating a lengthy ordeal in which a lot of noise ensues.

If the chimney cap you have installed on your chimney is complete with mesh, it will keep the critters out.

Atlanta GA, Chimney Cap ReplacementSpark Guard

The mesh on chimney caps also serves as a spark guard. Hot embers can travel up the flue and out of the chimney, potentially causing a fire on the roof or nearby combustibles. Chimney caps do a good job of minimizing potential hazards caused by flyaway embers.

Keep Out Debris

Rain, snow, sleet, and animals aren’t the only things that can make their way into a chimney if there is no chimney cap. Leaves, branches, twigs, and other debris can get inside chimneys and cause a dangerous blockage. Between annual chimney inspections, fire up your heating appliance with more confidence, knowing that your chimney cap has prevented debris from getting inside the flue.

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