Why Good Chimney Flashing Is Important

If you have a chimney, you have a valid reason for learning why good chimney flashing is important. The flashing is just one of the vital components of a chimney. Did you know that chimney flashing is more likely than other parts to become a problem? Not only that but chimney flashing is prone to be associated with damage to the roofs of homes. Now that we have shared some rather troubling realities about chimney flashing, we’ll fill in the details. 

Chimney Flashing Repair in Stone Mountain GAWhat is Chimney Flashing?

Chimney flashing is the material used for creating a watertight seal between the chimney and the roof. The watertight seal is essential. Without it, the chimney and roof would lack protection from destructive water intrusion. Flashing is typically made with aluminum, stainless steel, or copper. Aluminum is most prone to wear out and rust. Copper is the most durable and resistant to corrosion. 

Typical Components Of A Chimney Flashing:

Base flashing is the bottom layer of the flashing. Base flashing sits flush with the roof and is usually embedded into the roof with underlayment or a layer of roofing cement. 

Step flashing consists of various metal pieces layered on the sides of the chimney. The pieces are layered one upon the other. Step flashing resembles steps, and its job is to direct water away from the chimney.

Counterflashing is the topmost layer of flashing. Counterflashing is embedded into mortar joints on the chimney or is fastened to the chimney. It covers the step flashing and provides an extra barrier against water intrusion.

Why is Good Chimney Flashing Important?

The job of chimney flashing is to keep water out of the chimney system and to protect the roof from water damage. The issue with water in the chimney system is that there is destructive movement inside bricks when the moisture inside them freezes and thaws in winter. Bricks eventually flatten after water intrusion occurs, which leads to a leaning chimney. If not repaired, a leaning chimney could collapse. If water starts infiltrating roof issues, wood rot, mold growth, and other types of expensive water damage can occur.

Why is Chimney Flashing Prone to Fail?

It is well-recognized that installing chimney flashing correctly is exceedingly difficult to achieve. Specifically, establishing a watertight seal at the point where the flashing is embedded in mortar joints is tricky. Also, flashing can easily pull away from chimneys when there are high winds. 

Professional Chimney Services in Woodstock GACall the Chimney Pros for Chimney Flashing Repair

Many of the calls for our CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Chimney Solutions are related to failed chimney flashing. It has emerged as the most vulnerable component of chimneys. That is why good chimney flashing is important. When the flashing pulls away where there is supposed to remain a watertight seal, the damage that occurs can be stealthy. There have been numerous times when much of the wood in a roof has rotted because of failed chimney flashing. When this happens, a completely new roof becomes necessary, as well as repair or rebuild of the chimney flashing. 

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