Chimney Inspections Are Similar to Medical Check-ups

Chimney Inspections are CrucialEverybody loves a nice warm fire in the fireplace on cool fall and winter evenings. Fireplaces provide much more than just warmth: they bring a unique ambiance to a room that simply can’t be duplicated any other way. But fireplaces won’t perform optimally without proper maintenance, which starts with an annual inspection.

Think of your fireplace and its chimney as the circulatory system within your body. When a fireplace is in perfect working order, and when our human bodies are young and clean, everything flows the way it’s supposed to. The heart pumps blood, which circulates efficiently to keep us alive and well. The chimney routes smoke and carbon monoxide easily into the air outside, keeping our homes safe.

After years of use (and possibly bad eating habits), our circulatory systems don’t function as efficiently as they did when we were kids. Plaque can build up on the walls of arteries, making it more difficult for the heart to pump blood. Over years of neglect, a chimney can become obstructed with a variety of materials, resulting in improper ventilation and other hazards.

With continued abuse, our body’s circulatory system can shut down and cause a stroke or a heart attack. A long-neglected chimney can erupt in flames or emit toxic and deadly gasses into the home. An “out of sight, out of mind” mentality leads to both of these problems.

But if we’re forward-thinking, we try to eat well and exercise in order to avoid complications in our circulatory systems. To avoid complications in our chimneys, we consult professional chimney inspectors on an annual basis.

Why chimney inspections are necessary

When wood burns in a fireplace, creosote and soot travel with the smoke up the chimney. Even in the cleanest chimneys, a portion of these substances will adhere like tar to the chimney walls. Most people don’t realize that just a light coating of creosote can ignite and create a chimney fire.

A perfectly maintained human body may last 80 or more years before serious problems arise. With a chimney, a year can be enough to create danger. Chimneys can easily be obstructed by animal nests, broken masonry or flue tiles, errant twigs and leaves and more. This can not only provide more fire fuel but also create an obstruction that might send harmful carbon monoxide into the home.

Certified Chimney SweepsAlong with the inside of the chimney, trained inspectors also make sure that the flue and the chimney cap are in proper condition, further ensuring the safety of all who live in the house.

So when thinking about your chimney, keep in mind the human body analogy we used here. Just because you can’t see damage doesn’t mean it’s not there. The trick to a healthy life for both bodies and chimneys is regular maintenance and inspection. By treating your chimney well, you’ll enjoy your fireplace for years to come in an environment of safety and security.

Is it time to schedule a professional chimney inspection? Chimney Solutions encourages all homeowners to have this important work done before the arrival of the colder months, when many fireplaces kick into high gear. Do yourself and your family a favor and order your inspection today. Call (770) 771-5501 and gain the peace of mind that comes from knowing your chimney is safe and sound.

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