Why Are Chimney Inspections Important?

It’s that time of year here in Marietta, GA. Like many homeowners from Atlanta to Chattanooga, TN, you’re probably wondering if inspecting your chimney is really necessary. While your chimney may look fine outside, there may be signs of fire damage, water leaks, and other issues deep inside the flue. Without an annual chimney inspection, the health and safety of your family may be at risk, and the structure of your chimney and home could also be in danger. Here are several reasons why chimney inspections are important.

creosote creating a risk of fire in Woodstock GAPrevent Chimney Fires

The most important reason for a chimney inspection is to prevent a fire. A Certified Chimney Professional will inspect the chimney for excessive creosote that may accumulate in the smoke chamber, liner, damper, and other flue areas. Creosote, a natural byproduct of combustion, becomes increasingly flammable the longer it remains in the chimney. A tiny spark can ignite a chimney fire that can spread throughout your home. Recently, homeowners residing near the Atlanta Speedway were displaced when a chimney fire spread to the attic early in the morning. This underscores the importance of scheduling annual chimney inspections.

Pro tip: You can minimize creosote accumulation by only burning “seasoned” firewood from a reputable local supplier. 

Improve Airflow

Another reason to schedule a chimney inspection is to look for obstructions that could restrict the airflow. Leaves, twigs, and even animal nests typically accumulate around the chimney cap at the top of the flue pipe. This blockage can become so severe that it forces thick, irritating smoke, hot embers, and toxic carbon monoxide fumes into your living room. 

Pro tip: Install a sturdy chimney cap or chase cover with a wire mesh screen to reduce moisture and animal intrusion.

Identify Structural Deficiencies

If you have a masonry chimney in Chattanooga, it may have been constructed using brick or stone, both porous materials. Continuous exposure to extreme temperature swings, freeze-thaw cycles, and other environmental conditions can damage the masonry over time. A chimney sweep will examine the entire structure, from the crown to the foundation, to identify any signs of cracking, mortar decay, rusting, spalling, or other defects that could lead to structural failure. 

Pro tip: Waterproofing your chimney could help protect it from water damage, prolonging its lifespan.

Chimney Inspection Levels

Chimney Solutions prioritizes your safety by offering all chimney inspection levels outlined by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA).

Level 1: This standard visual inspection provides a baseline assessment ideal for homeowners with uninterrupted regular maintenance.

Level 2: This advanced inspection (a real estate chimney inspection)  goes deep inside the flue, where the chimney sweep will use video scans to uncover hidden issues. We highly recommend a level two inspection for all homeowners, especially if an annual inspection is missed, there have been any modifications to the chimney system or appliance installations or a pending sale of your home. 

essential chimney inspections in Stone Mountain GA

Level 3: These inspections are the most comprehensive, potentially removing chimney components to look for hidden problems that could compromise its structural integrity.

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Is there a hidden problem in your chimney compromising your home or safety? Annual chimney inspections are vital to prevent fires, deadly carbon monoxide poisoning, and structural deficiencies. Call us today to schedule an appointment in the Metro Atlanta or Chattanooga areas. Call 770-255-1300 in Georgia or 423-551-9912 in Hamilton County, TN. Alternatively, you can fill out our simple contact form to book your appointment.

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