Chimney Liner Problems and Solutions

After chimney inspections are completed, chimney technicians often advise homeowners that a chimney liner replacement is needed. The good news is that qualified chimney sweeps know all about chimney liner problems and solutions. The chimney liner provides crucial protection, but even a tiny crack renders those safety benefits useless. Once flue damage has been identified, the fireplace should be used no further until the appropriate fix has been completed.

Chimney Liner Installation in Atlanta GAWhy is a Chimney Liner Important?

A chimney liner is a clay, metal, or ceramic conduit inside a chimney. The purpose of a chimney liner is to contain combustion byproducts and efficiently accommodate the movement of the fumes to the out-of-doors. The containment function also provides crucial protection for the home and its inhabitants.
If there is a breach of any kind in the chimney liner, the following potentially life-threatening hazards exist in the home when the fireplace is used:

Combustible parts of the home are exposed to extreme heat. They are changed in a process called pyrolysis. This causes those combustible components to ignite at a much lower temperature than they would have before. This can result in a dangerous, out-of-control, and completely unforeseen house fire.

Carbon monoxide is among the toxic fumes created by wood fires. If there is a crack in the flue liner, anyone inside the home could be exposed to the potentially deadly gas.

Common Chimney Liner Problems

While chimney masonry can typically last well over a century, clay tile liners last only up to about 50 years. Stainless steel flue liners wear out after 20 years or so. Besides normal wear and tear that eventually necessitates a chimney liner replacement, the following are other common causes of chimney liner problems.

Moisture infiltration

If there is no chimney cap or if a chimney leak exposes the chimney liner to moisture, deterioration of the flue will be accelerated. The combination of moisture with the acidic qualities in creosote will ultimately cause the flue liner damage.

Incorrectly installed

A chimney liner must be installed correctly. From poor insulation installation to poorly sealed joints, the flue liner will ultimately be subjected to accelerated wear and increasingly destructive conditions.

No liner

Chimney liners were not required until around the 1940s. Older homes often have no liner, even though it was discovered decades ago that a chimney liner is necessary for performance and safety reasons.

Chimney Relining and Stainless Steel Chimney Liners in Winder GAChimney Liner Solutions

Fixing clay tiles is an expensive endeavor, and the necessity of repeating the process is guaranteed. It’s more cost-effective to install a stainless-steel flue liner. Chimney Liner Solutions offers HeatShield® relining services. We offer HeatShield for relining because it is an economical, durable, and environmentally friendly solution with a 20-year warranty.

Call the Chimney Experts for Chimney Liner Solutions

It’s all about safety when it comes to your fireplace and chimney. The CSIA-certified chimney sweeps at Chimney Solutions have the training and experience to deliver unbeatable chimney services. We specialize in chimney liner problems and solutions. Whether we install a stainless-steel chimney liner replacement, rebuild a chimney, repair a chimney crown, fix flashing, stop a chimney leak, inspect a chimney, clean a chimney, or provide other chimney services, our work is always dependable. Give us a call today. You can reach Chimney Solutions in Atlanta GA at 770-255-1330. For our Chattanooga TN location, call 423-551-9912.

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