Did you Know These are All Chimney Myths?

Similar to the way fires in fireplaces evoke a one-of-a-kind ambiance, chimneys are like enigmas because they are surrounded by myths. Unfortunately, chimneys are misunderstood mostly in ways that can put a home and family at risk. Other myths are associated with almost unbelievable events in history and some are pure legends. As certified chimney sweeps, we can clear up some of these myths.

Perform Legitimate DIY Chimney Cleaning Via the Internet

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Although online searches can be helpful in countless ways on any given day, some things should not be believed simply because they are on the Internet. Many of the myths to be ignored are do-it-yourself methods for chimney cleaning. Creosote logs, for example, may serve a helpful role, but they cannot replace chimney cleaning by professional chimney sweeps. The most significant reason to hire a certified chimney sweep is because creosote comes in three different forms, and only one type of creosote can be removed from a chimney flue with a basic chimney sweep brush. The presence of creosote in a chimney flue increases the likelihood of a hazardous chimney fire.

Annual Chimney Inspections Aren’t Necessary in Certain Instances

Contrary to what many have believed, annual chimney inspections are important in all circumstances. Whether a chimney is never used, seldom used, connected to a gas-fueled appliance, or has a metal chimney liner, annual chimney inspections are defined as essential by all leading fire safety experts. Chimneys are prone to damage caused by moisture, intruding critters, severe weather events, and various other circumstances. In the case of gas fireplaces, there is the potential for condensation that can damage all types of chimney liners.

Santa isn’t the Only One Who Fits in Chimneys

On occasion, a terrible or ridiculous story is told–depending on the outcome—about people trying to enter homes through a chimney and getting stuck. In a highly unfortunate chapter of world history, there was a time when small boys were commandeered to become chimney sweeps. They themselves would climb a chimney, from one end to the other, performing creosote removal services. The lives of these children were woeful and included a serious risk of developing a deadly cancer. The inhumane practice of using children as chimney sweeps was ended in 1875.

A Chimney Sweep Provides Good Luck

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There are several famous legends regarding chimney sweeps and good luck. In Hungary, Austria, Germany, and other nations, meeting or coming across a chimney sweep on New Year’s Day is an auspicious occasion. It is well known in European folklore that if a bride passes by a chimney sweep on the day of her wedding and he kisses her on her cheek, her marriage will always have tremendous good luck.

Don’t fall for tales boorishly named after old wives! Put safety first by calling Chimney Solutions, where the experienced chimney sweeps are CSIA-certified. Schedule an appointment for chimney inspections, chimney cleaning, chimney repair, masonry repair, and all other chimney-related services by calling (770) 679-2190 today. 

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