When is a Chimney Relining Definitely Needed?

atlanta chimney reliningChimney relining is often needed, and it’s for a variety of reasons. The important thing to understand about chimney flue liners is that they must be free of defect. It is unsafe to use a fireplace if the flue has even the tiniest crack. Rarely is it obvious that a chimney liner replacement is needed, however, since the flue is the long, narrow passageway that combustible by-products exit the chimney through. Homeowners usually learn that a chimney relining is definitely needed after a chimney expert has done a chimney inspection and discovered evidence of deterioration.

What is the Purpose of a Chimney Liner?

Chimney liners are essential to the safe and proper operation of a chimney. The three-fold purpose of a chimney flue is to:

  1. Accommodate the removal of combustion gases from the fireplace or stove up through the chimney,
  2. Protect combustible parts of your home from intense heat that can cause a hazardous chimney fire, and
  3. Prevent toxic fumes, including deadly carbon monoxide, from entering the living space of your home.

Chimney liners are virtually all about keeping your home and family safe.

What are the Signs a Chimney Liner Replacement is Needed?

There are signs a homeowner can look for that could be evidence the chimney liner needs replacement. Drafting problems could be an indication the flue has a crack in it. If you see broken bits of clay in the firebox, it probably means that the clay flue tiles are deteriorating. If the fireplace is smelly, it could mean that a significant build-up of highly flammable creosote and soot deposits are in the flue. If moisture mixes with the toxic materials, it can result in a corrosive reaction that eats holes in a metal liner. Moisture mixed with creosote in a clay liner also causes cracks to develop.

If a fireplace or stove is converted to a new appliance or fuel type, an essential component of proper installation is ensuring that the chimney liner matches the new system’s requirements for venting output. It is very common for a new liner to be required with the addition of a new heating appliance.

For many decades, flue liners have been a building code requirement in every state. Still, there are some older homes in use today that were built without a chimney liner and still don’t have one. It is essential to have a chimney liner installed before using an unlined fireplace, due to all of the dangers mentioned above.

Contact Chimney Experts About Your Chimney Liner

chimney liner replacement in alpharetta gaSome homeowners have become skeptical when told there is a need for various chimney repairs, including chimney liner replacement, because the industry is unregulated and vulnerable to scammers. When you contact a legitimate chimney sweep company like Chimney Solutions, you can trust that the professional chimney sweeps are interested in keeping your home safe and winning you over as a long-term customer by providing reliable, needed services.

If a licensed, certified chimney expert from Chimney Solutions finds evidence of chimney liner damage, you will be informed that repair or flue liner replacement is essential. It is not cost-effective to repair clay tile liners. As a result, chimney liner replacement is often the most economical way to restore the safe use of your fireplace. Contact Chimney Solutions today at 770-771-5501 to schedule a chimney inspection, chimney cleaning, any of our comprehensive chimney services, and/or, as needed, to discuss options for a chimney liner replacement.

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