Why Relining Your Chimney Is Worth It

A cement or clay-lined chimney will last you about 50 years. If you have a newer home, this may not be an issue for you. Years ago, chimneys were not built with liners. Now all houses must have a chimney liner due to new updates in codes. You may want to consider replacing your liner if your house is older than this.

Concerte chimney relining in Atlanta GA

Chimney liners insulate the chimney to protect the integrity of the structure. Your chimney is also subjected to the greatest of heat from your fireplace. The liner keeps you safe from chimney fires. You will want to have it inspected to make sure that your chimney liner is in good repair. By taking care of any repairs early you will keep your family safe and enjoy your fires for years to come.

Why a liner?

A liner protects the masonry as well. The excessive heat can break down the masonry. Without a liner, creosote can build up on the bricks and cause a fire. It is dangerous to burn a fire without a liner. Without a liner, carbon monoxide can seep into your home. This can get through from the cracking masonry around the bricks.

A chimney liner protects you and your family. Know that you are doing everything possible to burn a safe fire. Let’s discuss the different options for liners.

Clay Liner

The most common of liners is the clay liner. Clay liners are very popular due to it being cost-effective. But also, because it is fire-resistant and durable. Clay liners come in many different sizes and shapes. A professional will determine the correct size to fit your chimney. It is important to find a reputable chimney professional who you have confidence in.

Concrete Liner

Concrete liners are very popular due to their fire resistance and durability. A concrete liner is then poured into a mold within the fireplace. Once it cures, it hardens and acts as a structural support as well. The liner dries without any seams making it airtight. Concrete liners are very popular with gas fireplaces as they do not corrode when using gas fuel.

Steel Chimney Liner Replacement and Relining in Peachtree Corners GASteel Liner

The highest quality material to use in a liner is stainless steel. The fuel source, whether it is wood or gas will not affect the integrity of the material. Steel liners are often installed with thermal insulation for more protection and safety. Steel liners are much easier to clean. Due to its steel material creosote doesn’t build up as with a clay or concrete liner. They are also resistant to water, pests, and mold. Yet, the most expensive, it is well worth the investment for peace of mind as well as ease of care.

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