Common Chimney Problems You Should Know

Having a fireplace adds a unique sense of comfort and ambiance to a living space. They provide warmth when you need that extra little bit of heat while also setting the stage for family gatherings (such as during the upcoming holiday season). Along with that comes several common chimney problems that you will want to keep an eye out for. Here are seven common chimney problems and how you can remediate them ASAP.

Professional Masonry Repairs, Atlanta GAProblems with your masonry

The most obvious component of your chimney is its brick-and-mortar. It’s also a source of common chimney problems, including: Chipped and broken bricks, Holes or gaps in your mortar, and Lower-quality masonry materials. Each of these problems leads to other issues, such as water damage, problems with the chimney’s structural integrity, and more.

Concerns with your flashing

Flashing needs to be installed properly. This material acts as a layer of protection between your chimney and your roofline. This is a prime spot for leaks if it’s not installed properly or has deteriorated due to age.

An obstructed flue

Obstructions within your flue are a serious problem. Creosote, for example, can potentially break off and catch ignite, leading to a house fire. Other flue obstructions, such as debris or animal nests, can cause dangerous gas vapors to back up into your living areas — not to mention the possibility of smoke damage throughout your home.

A cracked or broken crown

Your crown is a cement or metal structure that rests at the top of your masonry. It helps to deflect water away from your chimney, protecting it from the elements. However, cracks can form within your crown, and eventually, pieces of it can break off. In addition, older metal-based crowns can rust, leading to various other problems as well.

Gaps in your cap or one that is missing

Your chimney cap helps to prevent invaders, including birds, rodents, and leaves from entering your chimney. However, if your Chimney cap is broken, has gaps, or is completely missing then there is nothing to stop these things from entering your flue and leading to — you guessed it — blockages like we mentioned earlier.

Water damage

One of the more common chimney problems is water damage. Many of the materials used in chimney construction are porous, which makes them susceptible to the freeze- thaw cycle we sometimes experience. In addition, the absence of a waterproofing sealant can allow for further water damage, both inside your home and within the chimney structure itself.

Annual Chimney Inspection, Stone Mountain GANeglecting your annual chimney inspections

Finally, common chimney problems are often revealed during an annual sweep and inspection. These should always be handled professionally by a company such as Chimney Solutions. However, neglecting an annual inspection schedule can lead to
these common chimney problems and more. Often, the problems homeowners experience with their chimney could be avoided with this simple step.

Let the professional fix your common chimney problems

We understand the drive and passion that a DIYer has to fix any issues with their home. However, some of these common chimney problems require professional assistance and are made much easier when you have a partner such as Chimney Solutions on your side. Remember, we’re here to help and look forward to servicing your home! We Service the Greater Atlanta GA and Chattanooga TN areas!

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