Can I Convert My Fireplace Fuel Type?

Once a wood-burning fireplace, always a wood-burning fireplace, right? Actually, no! As it turns out, many homeowners have chosen to convert their fireplace systems from wood to gas or electric fireplace fuel options. Here are some reasons why you may choose to do so as well as a snapshot of the overall conversion process.

Fireplace Insert Installation for Fuel Conversion in Gainesville GAWhy would you convert your fireplace?

Does your home have a traditional wood-burning fireplace? If so, then you’re well aware of the ongoing cleaning and ash removal that comes with it. This is probably the biggest reason to convert a fireplace, though there are others as well including:

• Ease of use;
• No need to chop or season wood;
• No creosote fire hazard or health concerns;
• Quicker starts and stops;
• An overall cleaner experience.

How long does it take to convert a fireplace?

As with any home improvement project, time is going to be a significant barrier to completion. Many homeowners work on a fireplace conversion project over the weekend or in the evening hours. Often, you can get the job done faster when you let Chimney Solutions handle it for you. However, if you enjoy the DIY nature of projects like these, expect the overall timeline to be two or three days’ worth of dedicated time from start to finish.

What materials do you need to convert a fireplace?

The number one thing you’ll need to convert a fireplace is the fireplace insert. These come in several types, including direct-vent gas inserts, vent-free gas inserts, vented gas logs, and vent-free gas logs.

You’ll also need basic cleaning supplies, such as a mask, pair of gloves, safety glasses, a stiff brush, drop cloths, brooms, measuring tape, painting supplies, a damper clamp, an adjustable wrench, a Phillips head screwdriver, and sealant.

Pre-conversion steps

Start by measuring your fireplace so that you can order a replacement insert. Then, once you’ve placed your order, the next you’ll need to do is clean your fireplace thoroughly. Once fully clean, you may then opt to paint the firebox using heavy heat-resistant-based paint.

The steps to convert a fireplace

Once your unit arrives, use the damper clamp to ensure the flue stays open during the installation process. Then, pre-assemble the burner before inserting it into the firebox. Of course, you’ll need to connect the insert to your natural gas supply as well so be sure to test those connections before starting your first fire.

You’ll also need to lay the included layer of sand and artificial embers within the firebox before finally placing your logs. Once you’ve verified everything is in place, it’s time to light your first fire!

Professional Gas Fireplace Installation in Cumming GAContact us for a free quote

As we mentioned, most homeowners can knock this type of project out over a weekend. However, it’s often much faster and more efficient to work with the professionals from our team. We can ensure that all safety precautions are followed properly while also performing a sweep and inspection while we’re at your home.

Would you like to learn more about how we can help you convert your fireplace? Then contact Chimney Solutions today!

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