Trust Your Chimney to a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep

CSIA Certified

If you want to have confidence that your chimney is safe and in good working condition, it’s critical to entrust the structure’s maintenance to a chimney sweep certified by the Chimney Safety Institute of America (CSIA).  All of the possible reasons for scheduling an appointment with a chimney sweep are important ones, such as:

  • Making sure that the chimney won’t potentially expose your family to deadly carbon monoxide poisoning.
  • Getting creosote removed, to drastically reduce the risk of a chimney fire and make sure the chimney can operate optimally.
  • Having the chimney inspected to ensure that the flue is sound and free of cracks and there are no obvious signs of deterioration, which are also important safety issues related to preventing chimney and house fires.
  • Checking to be sure that the firebox in an old home is safe and sound and not in need of replacement.
  • Learning how to best avoid contributing to the pollution problem while making use of your fireplace.
  • Ensuring that your home has the best possible efficiency for cooling and heating.
  • Getting your fireplace and chimney cleaned by professionals who can get the task done properly without creating a mess on your furniture or carpeting.

What are the Proficiencies of a CSIA-Certified Chimney Sweep?

A certified chimney sweep gains indispensable knowledge.  It isn’t possible to get the same level of service from an individual who has not participated in the education and testing program as someone who has gone on to qualify for CSIA certification.  Areas of proficiency demonstrated by CSIA-Certified Chimney Sweeps include the following:

  • The most current and best techniques of the trade along with the ability to perform them with skill.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of the technical aspects of chimney dynamics and construction.
  • Applicable standards, codes, and clearances.
  • The physics of wood burning and the formation of creosote and soot in chimneys, which causes the potential for chimney and house fires.
  • EPA requirements.
  • The proper care and installation of the various types of solid fuel appliances.

What is a CSIA Certification an Indication of?

A CSIA certified chimney sweep goes through a training regimen and makes a professional commitment which encompasses the following obligations and responsibilities:

  • Continually learning about and following the techniques and practices for venting and chimney safety which are recommended by the CSIA.
  • Sharpening skills, technique, and knowledge base continuously regarding safety practices for venting, the fireplace, and the chimney.
  • Dealing fairly and honestly with customers at all times and refraining from any type of unfair or deceptive practices.
  • When serving in the capacity as a chimney sweep, behaving professionally and respectfully at all times.
  • Becoming familiar with applicable building codes regarding venting and chimney products in order to ensure compliance.
  • Adhering strictly to manufacturers’ installation instructions for all products installed.
  • Making sure that consumers have the essential information they need regarding venting and chimney safety procedures.

Tips for Choosing a Chimney Sweep Company

Which chimney sweep company to hire is an important decision for homeowners.  TheChimney Sweep CSIA recommends that consumers look for the following things as good recommendations for a chimney sweep service:

  • Current positive reviews from customers.
  • A guarantee that whoever performs the work at your home is a CSIA Certified Chimney Sweep.
  • Proof of liability insurance coverage.
  • After checking with the Better Business Bureau and other consumer protection agencies, discovering that there are no outstanding or unresolved complaints against the company.

It’s reasonable to assume that any chimney sweep who hasn’t taken the time to earn a certification will not be as capable at conducting a chimney cleaning and inspection as well as a professional who has.  Chimney matters come down to being safety issues, so why would you want to trust the job to anyone other than Chimney Safety Institute of America certified chimney sweeps?

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